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Visitors' Waystation / Important Notice to All Visitors
« Last post by Shay on July 03, 2010, 23:12:30 PM »
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the E2RH Forums, a new discussion board for lovers of the Dark Angel series.

If you are wondering why you are unable to see much of the board (and you think that the board seems really small and empty) please be aware that there are plenty of exciting things going on behind the scenes!

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Visitors' Waystation / Site Rules
« Last post by Shay on July 03, 2010, 23:11:57 PM »

The RH Staff welcomes you to E2RH, the RH forums and sister site to our fan fiction archive, Raising Hell. E2RH stands for Engineered to Raise Hell - one of the taglines for the Dark Angel television series.

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Before we go any further we would like to stress something vitally important: The RH Network (Raising Hell Fan Fiction Archive, E2RH Forums, RH@LJ, RH@Twitter and DA_Challenges, as well as any other sites that may be added to the family at a later date) will NOT aid in fueling 'shipper wars. If you don't like a pairing, stay away from it! - it's as simple as that. Flaming will NOT be tolerated. If found in breach of this rule, you will be warned; repeat offenders will be banned. If you have received a hostile comment, please report it to the administrators.


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Visitors' Waystation / The E2RH Mission Statement
« Last post by Shay on July 03, 2010, 23:10:33 PM »
The E2RH Mission Statement

Welcome to E2RH, home to all things Dark Angel, a sister site to the DA fan fiction archive Raising Hell, RH @ LiveJournal and the fan fic challenges community, DA Challenges, also on LiveJournal.

Have you noticed in recent months (years!) that Dark Angel items of interest, sites, links, images and the like are increasingly harder to find? That many authors, webmasters and otherwise dedicated fans have disappeared, leaving the rest of us lacking and longing for DA things that were once so readily available?

Well, we have, and we decided that enough was enough!

This site was set up not only to help promote fan and author interaction (as an extension of the Raising Hell archive) but also to help localize various Dark Angel elements and make it that much easier to find what you're looking for. We hope to gather as much information and material as possible to help make that search for DA wares and whats a less frustrating experience and - imagine! - actually fruitful!

That said, please understand that we're just a small number of volunteers and like so many others out there, we also have real life responsibilities. As such, we cannot possibly gather everything ourselves. If you have any materials - images, screencaps, articles, essays, profiles, episode or scene synopsis, or any DA related things that you think would be of interest to Raisinghellions, please contact the RH crew so we can kidnap you and seize possession of your home and its contents! :D :D Okay, kidding, but seriously! We would greatly appreciate any contributions!

We sincerely hope this site will be an important addition to the dwindling list of Dark Angel resources on the web and help keep DA alive and kicking for a while to come.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Raisinghellions family. We greatly look forward to seeing you around!

The RH Admin Team
An Overview / Dark Angel Production History
« Last post by Shay on July 03, 2010, 20:07:50 PM »
Dark Angel Production History
(Source: Wikipedia, Alternative source: IMDB)

Executive Producers
James Cameron & Charles Eglee (IMDB profiles)

Background to the Series

Director James Cameron had planned to make a film of the comic book character Spider-Man. Unable to do so, Cameron moved to television and created the story of Max, a new superheroine. Dark Angel was influenced by cyberpunk, current superhero genres, and third-wave feminism.

Broadcast history

The first season of the show premiered on Fox on Tuesday, October 3, 2000. The show aired on Tuesday nights after That '70s Show and Titus during the 2000 - 2001 television season and did well with both critics and audiences, averaging 10.1 million viewers during its first season on the air.

The following season, however, Fox made the bold decision to move Dark Angel to Friday nights preceding the network's new series Pasadena in order to try and reverse their string of bad luck with the Friday night death slot curse and to give the network's new series 24 a better time period during the week. Their efforts to improve Friday nights were unsuccessful though as Pasadena failed to find an audience and was canceled before the end of its first season on the night, while Dark Angel saw its second season audience drop by nearly 4 million viewers between the first and second seasons, resulting in its inevitable cancellation as well, despite a strong and vocal fan base and a finale directed by series creator James Cameron.

Though fans of the show attribute Dark Angel's decline in ratings to Fox's decision to move the series to a lower-rated night of the week, many also cite changes in the show's format and tone during its second season as reasons for the large decrease in viewership. These changes were said to be a result of budgetary concerns—any high-concept television series that heavily utilizes special effects are expensive to produce—and the departure of several actors, as John Savage, Alimi Ballard and Jennifer Blanc had all left the series as regulars and popular recurring actors William Gregory Lee and Nana Visitor had been written out of the show prior to its cancellation. The final episode of the series aired on May 3, 2002.

After the end of the show's second season, a third season appeared to be close to getting the green light, but Fox instead canceled the show at the last minute in order to make room for Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon's new science fiction series Firefly on the network's schedule. Incidentally, Firefly suffered the same fate as Dark Angel and was subsequently canceled the following season as well.

Though canceled due to sagging ratings in its second season, Dark Angel has high availability with most on-demand services as the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States and E4 in the United Kingdom regularly air reruns of both seasons. As of 2003, both seasons of the show are also available on DVD.

US ratings

Season 1 (2000-2001)    
Premiered: Oct. 03, 2000
Final Airing: May 22, 2001
US Ratings: 10.1 million
Network: Fox
Ranked: #70

Season 2 (2001-2002)
Premiered: Sept. 28, 2001  
Final Airing: May 3, 2002    
US Ratings: 6 million
Network: Fox
Ranked: #114

Awards and nominations

    # 2000: Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television — Jessica Alba
    # 2000: Nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama — Jessica Alba
    # 2001: People's Choice Award for Favorite Television New Dramatic Series
    # 2001: TV Guide Awards for Breakout Star of the Year — Jessica Alba
    # 2001: Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress — Jessica Alba
    # 2001: Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Series
    # 2001: International Monitor Awards for Best Visual Effects in a TV series


Written by Max Allan Collins, a trilogy of novels expands upon the Dark Angel television series:

    # Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (2002) is a prequel to the television series, taking a detailed look at Max's past between 2009 and 2019. It introduced another '09 escapee, Seth. After Max and her siblings had escaped, Seth slipped out in the confusion and eventually ended up in Seattle, where he worked for Logan as a personal agent. The book is listed on as "Before the Dawn (Dark Angel)".

    # Dark Angel: Skin Game (2003) immediately follows the events of "Freak Nation," the final episode of Season 2, describing the days between March and May 2021. Skin Game focuses on a killer terrorising the streets of Seattle and the growing suspicion and evidence that the killer could possibly be a transgenic. As the killings escalate, the US Army and National Guard prepare themselves for an invasion of Terminal City.

    # Dark Angel: After the Dark (2003) follows Skin Game, describing the days in December 2021. Relationships are torn apart after Logan reveals a shattering truth about his past to Max, but when Logan is kidnapped, questions are set aside as Max's investigation into the capture leads to an old enemy, The Breeding Cult members of the Conclave. With the aid of a team of Transgenics, Max vows to find those responsible for the kidnapping, unaware that the Conclave are not only anticipating her arrival, but the arrival of The Coming. After the Dark answers many questions raised in the second season; The curing of Max's virus, the Conclave's agenda, the return of Lydecker and C.J. Sandeman, and Max and Logan finally getting together.

    # Dark Angel: The Eyes Only Dossier (2003) collects documents pertaining to four ongoing Eyes Only investigations, tangentially related to Manticore and the Dark Angel universe.
Cast and Characters / Recurring Characters
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 08:19:01 AM »

Manticore Agent Peter Richard Sandoval
Peter Sandoval, played by Fulvio Cecere, is an agent for Manticore for was responsible for many missions that the X'x were invovled in, most notably for his involvement in the Berrisford case when X5-494 was sent on his first solo mission. He oversaw all elements in that case from the instruction X5-494 received prior to departure and the eventually withdrawal of X5-494 and the attempted elimination on Robert Berrisford.

Played by Peter Bryant, Bling is the physical therapist/bodyguard to Logan after he is shot. He accompanies Logan on some of his more dangerous missions and acts as security for Logan’s penthouse. He understands the complex relationship between Max and Logan and often offers advice when Logan needs it. He is last seen in “I And I Am A Camera”.

Detective Matt Sung
Played by Byron Mann, Sung is one of the few police officers who is not corrupt in Seattle and shows a strong moral character. He knows about Max and Logan and has protected them on many occasions as well as offering his services to Logan to help weed out police corruption. He has a young son.

Herbal Thought
Herbal is played by actor, Alimi Ballard. He is a fellow bike messenger at Jam Pony and has a reputation for being the fastest bike messenger although he is constantly downplaying this so he doesn’t have to work harder. Staunch believer in doing what is right, he once returned a package to a wife after her husband’s mistress fails to receive it. Rastafarian at heart, Herbal’s speech is a mix of different dialects but his demeanour is that of a Jamaican-born man trying to make it in a fallen world.

Brin (played by Nicole Bilderback) was one of the twelve Transgenics who escaped in ’09. Nothing is heard of her until she is captured by men trying to sell her to people wanting Manticore soldiers. While in captivity she began aging at an alarming rate and she asked Max and Zack to return her to Manticore where she would be cured, knowing the consequences. Eventually reindoctrinated, Brin leads Renfro to Tinga. She is last seen handcuffed outside the DNA lab before the explosion where she has tried to stop Max from entering. It is not known if she survived.

Colonel James McGinnis
McGinnis, Robert Gossett, works for Manticore in varying capacities, such as working with Lydecker in bringing in the '09ers, but whose loyalty lies with Manticore. He has no problem, in later episodes, turning on Lydecker under the orders of Madame X even though he is punished for a failure by the loss of an eye. He is eventually shot by Lydecker during a gunfight.

Dr. Sam Carr
Sam Carr (Brian Markinson) is the doctor who treats both Logan and Max on several occasions and is aware that Max is a Transgenic. He has, on several occasions, protected Max and Logan’s identities at the risk of his career. He, at one stage, contained the most information on Max’s medical condition that anyone outside Manticore had access to. Carr is also responsible for helping Zack after the destruction on Manticore when Zack had lost his memory.

Played by Jade C. Bell. Sebastian is one of Logan’s sources. A quadriplegic, Sebastian has made it his mission to help the world in any way he can and he often finds out things that others can’t. Although he needs a voice synthesizer to speak, he assists Logan and Max though he does it from the shadows as a way to keep himself safe.

Dr. Beverly Shankar
Dr. Beverly Shankar, played by Rekha Sharma, is an informant for Eyes Only working within the Medical Examiners Office though she has done shifts at Harbor Lights Medical pro bono. Offering information to Logan, whom she doesn’t know is Eyes Only, she lets him know first of any possible Transgenic connections. She was also the one to help him out both times his virus was activated, the second time being the one to suggest that Transgenic blood could save his life. She appears sympathetic to the Transgenic cause and has looked out for Max in the past.

After the escape in ’09, Tinga (Lisa Ann Cabasa) assumed the name Penny and worked in a bakery in Portland. She eventually fell in love with and married a man named Charlie Smith and they had a son, Case. When Tinga’s cover was blown, Max and Zack helped her get out of Portland with Zack and Tinga heading to Canada.
After discovering that her husband was publicly searching for her, Tinga came back only to find that Lydecker had already closed in on their position and, along with Max’s help, she escaped with her family. Case became ill, developing a barcode with Lydecker’s number on it and Tinga exchanged herself in return for a cure.
Tinga was then taken by Renfro and experimented on so that they could discover how she had passed the ‘X’ gene onto her son. Max and Zack uncovered her location, with Lydecker tracking them, and all three reached her only to discover that she was already dead. Her death was the reason that Lydecker turned his back on Manticore and stopped hunting his ‘kids’.

Kendra Maibaum
Long time roommate of Max’s, Kendra (played by Jennifer Blanc) is a lover of coffee and a great friend, helping not only Max but those living in neighbouring apartments. She has had a few odd jobs including a bartender and teaching Japanese to the children. She eventually moves out of the apartment to move in with a police officer, Walter.

Otto Gottlieb
Otto, Craig Veroni, is the FBI agent assigned to be Ames White's partner. He is unaware of White's true nature and is led to believe that Transgenics are dangerous by White however as the series finale approaches, Otto seems to believe that less and less and start to question White's motives.
Cast and Characters / Renfro
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 08:07:12 AM »
"Don't you see, 452? You're poison; you destroy everyone that you love."

Director of Manticore, Renfro was Lydecker’s cruel and seemingly uncaring superior.

Director Elizabeth Renfro
Portrayed by:     Nana Visitor
First Appearance:     Pollo Loco
Status:Deceased; Human
Alias(es):Madame X
Occupation(s):Manticore Director
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Renfro first appeared in ‘Pollo Loco’ as the elusive Madame X but more of her character was revealed in season two after Max’s capture. She was not fooled by Max’s ‘reindoctrination’ and was responsible for pairing Max and Alec together as breeding partners.

She appeared harsh, cruel and seemed to revel in the misery of others, even showing Max that Zack had died to save her and that she’d allowed Manticore to experiment on him. She was also responsible for Max’s retrovirus. After the Eyes Only broadcast about the Wyoming facility, Renfro has the place burned down to hide the existence of the program. Max gets there in time to unlock the doors of the trapped Transgenics. Ultimately, she took a bullet for Max and with her dying breath, told Max that she was special and that she had to find Sandeman.

Special Skills
She has shown, on occasion, an ability to read things like scientific reports. Presumably she's been in the field long enough to have picked up a few things.

Renfro appears to have the full Manticore system at her disposal.


In the DVD commentary and various interviews with Nana Visitor indicated that Renfro was using Transgenic DNA to extend her lifespan and may have actually been much older than she appeared.
Cast and Characters / Lydecker
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 07:52:51 AM »
It was the best of you that ran away that night.

Lydecker was the commanding officer at Manticore and the despised parental figure to the X's. He was eventually ousted by Renfro.

Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker
Portrayed by:     John Savage
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Unknown; Human
Former CO of Manticore
Significant Other(s):Wife, deceased

Character History
Lydecker joined the military when he was young and had a distinguished career until the murder of his wife under mysterious circumstances. He then became an alcoholic. Lydecker, at some point, underwent treatment and rejoined the military where he stayed until he was approached by a group called 'The Committee' to lead a project, 'Project Manticore'.

He then became the commanding officer at Manticore's facility in Gillette, Wyoming, and oversaw the training of several generations of X's. He, at some point, had something to do with the creation of the soldiers as Max and Sam (X5-452, X5-453) were inspired by his late wife and contain some of her DNA. They remained especially dear to him because of the resemblance to her.

Lydecker was responsible for the training of the children and trained them harshly earning a hatred from them. Despite his training practices, Lydecker referred to the '09ers as his 'kids' insisting that he genuinely cared them. Evidence to this was when Lydecker discovered that the newly captured Tinga had been killed and experimented on. He then turned his back on Manticore and began working to bring them down.

Lydecker is somewhat responsible for the events in '09 as his accidental shooting of Eva on that night only encouraged Zack to push forward with the escape. Lydecker was in charge of the recapture operation for ten years but it is not known if he succeeded in actually capturing any during that period. The presumption is that he didn't because Zack maintained that there were twelve escapees in various parts of the country and lends further credence to his claim of affection for them.

He eventually tracks down a Transgenic in Seattle, although he does not know it to be Max, but does not catch her. Instead he brings in only three Transgenics: Zack, Tinga and Brin. Zack is allowed to escape again and Tinga and Brin are taken by Renfro. The former is subsequently killed and experimented on whilst the later is reindoctrinated and forced to take on missions for Renfro.

Special Skills
  • Due to his military service, Lydecker would have had combat training.
  • Lydecker has shown an understanding of genetics.

Lydecker had the full support of Manticore and even after his defection he shown an ability to obtain classified information and stay under the radar.


Cast and Characters / Zack
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 07:49:31 AM »
I'll never... Tell... You... Anything.

Zack, X5-599, is the unit leader of Max's former unit and is responsible for leading the escape from Manticore in '09 in which he and eleven other Transgenics (his unit) escaped.

Portrayed by:           William Gregory Lee
          Chris Lazar (Child)
First Appearance:     411 on the DL (adult)
    Pilot (child)
Status:Alive; Transgenic/Cyborg
Alias(es):Adam Thompson
Michael Hanover
Occupation(s):Farm Hand
Former Bike Messenger
Former Soldier
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Zack was a unit leader back in Manticore and was witness to several members of his unit being taken away due to seizures. On the night of the escape, Max was discovered with seizures and Zack made the executive decision to escape, something they had only ever discussed. During the escape, Zack provided cover for his unit, distracting guards whilst they escaped and, after being initally tazered, managed to escape himself. Zack was arrested shortly after the escape but managed to escape custody, after which he went into hiding.

Not much is known about the next ten years except that he was the only one who managed to track down each of the other eleven escapees and provide them with a cover. He gave each of them a number where they could reach him if they were ever in trouble, the one exception being Max, and refused to tell any of them about the others whereabouts in case they were captured.

Zack has a soft spot for Max and kept an eye on her throughout the ten years and we first see him as an adult when he turns up as a bike messenger at Jam Pony under an alias, Sam. He briefly takes Max away from Seattle when Lydecker tracks Max down and begins posting posters throughout the city looking for her. Max, however, leaves when she learns that Logan has been hospitalised and Zack turns himself over to Lydecker to keep him off of Max's track.

Zack eventually escapes Manticore again and tracks down Max because she is the only one he can remember, however a microchip implanted under his barcode enables Lydecker to listen and track him and he eventually discovers the location of several other '09ers. Max and Zack are able to warn them and they go to ground but Tinga is unable to get away and they go to assist her, Zack and Tinga eventually fleeing to Canada. They go back to Portland after Tinga gets word that her family is in danger but Tinga is captured by a reindoctrinated Brin. Zack sets himself a mission of finding her location but when he does find her, he learns she is already dead.

Zack is part of the team that destroys the DNA lab at Manticore but when Max is shot in the heart during the mission, Zack turns himself in and insists that they use his heart to restore her life. Renfro does this, using his organs to replenish lost organs to several other Transgenics and begins an experiment which gives him artificial organs and creates a half Transgenic, half cyborg. After the destruction of Manticore, a group of Steelheads gains possession of him for their own devices until Alec and Max rescue him. He eventually regains his memory but the commands implanted by Manticore to kill Logan make him too much of a liability and Max is forced to wipe his memory and give him an alias. He is no longer aware that he is a Transgenic and is given sanctuary by a contact of Logan's. He is never spoken of again in the series.

Special Skills
Like all Transgenics, Zack has a standard set of abilities and traits that separate him from humans including:

  • Advanced healing and metabolism
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced/Telescopic vision
  • Immunity to most toxins, viruses, diseases, bacteria, and biowarfare
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased intelligence

Max has said that Zack was their unit leader so it was safe to presume that he had the most training out of all of the '09ers. He was also constantly on the move after the escape and was the only person able to successfully track down each of the other unit members showing a skill that even Lydecker didn't possess. It is also safe to assume that, given the large amount of traveling and covering for his siblings, that he picked up quite a number of skills as he would have had to assume a large number of identities.

  • Motorcycle

  • The barcode on the back of Zack's neck reads: 330417291599.

  • You can often see the wires when Max or Zack are running up the walls or flying around the room.
Cast and Characters / Ames White
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 07:45:03 AM »
Pain is a phantom of the mind.

Agent Ames White is the primary adversary for Max in season two.

Agent Ames White
Portrayed by:     Martin Cummins
First Appearance:     Bag 'Em
Status:Alive; Familiar
Alias(es):Ames Sandeman
Home:Seattle, Washington
Occupation(s):Government Agent
Significant Other(s):Wendy Olsen-White (Wife, deceased)
Family:Ray White (son)
C.J. White (brother)

Character History
It is revealed that Ames is the eldest of Sandeman's two sons and that his belief is that his father betrayed the Breeding Cult by not only killing his youngest son but by leaving the Cult and creating Transgenics, presumably to fight in a war with them.

Ames sees Transgenics as less than human and despises them. He willingly takes on the task of hunting down and eliminating them, something which becomes easier upon the destruction of Manticore as they no longer have protection. Initially Ames covers the reports about Transgenics, keeping them out of the spotlight, which is actually part of a directive given to him by the government agency, however when the Breeding Cult decides to use the hatred for Transgenics to their advantage, Ames disobeys government orders and alerts the world to their presence, further fueling hatred.

Ames' is protective of his younger brother C.J. but keeps him locked in a controlled mental facility. On the one occasion that C.J. escapes, he shows an initial fear of Transgenics but, upon learning that Max was specifically created and chosen by his father, switches allegiances and helps out the Transgenic cause. This causes Ames to lock up his brother once more.

Ames White is married although his wife did not know of his true nature. Ames was responsible for the deaths of his first children with her and set up a 'kidnapping' of their son, Ray, but Wendy could not stop looking for her son, eventually going to Eyes Only for help. White is seen as weak for his inability to kill his wife, having fallen in love with her, but after she becomes too much of a liability, he regretfully kills her.

Max takes back Ray and sends him into hiding, causing Ames to become furious. Ray was subjected to and passed the venom test thereby making him a member of the Breeding Cult. He searches for his son but as of the last episode of the season, has not recovered him.

Ames is also responsible for the escalation of the Jam Pony siege and even called in the Phalanx (a specialized group of Breeding Cult warriors) to end the situation. He is last seen tied up to a post in Jam Pony after Max and Alec escape with the others to Terminal City.

Special Skills
As a member of the Breeding Cult, Ames has many of the abilities of a Transgenic without the threshold for pain. As shown in the initiation ceremony, potential members are subjected to a specific poison in order to prove how worthy they are and only those that survive become members. Through the use of selective breeding it has become possible to create the Familiars. Fight scenes between Transgenics and Familiars show them to be great adversaries matching Transgenics, leading to the belief that they are similarly trained.

Ames has, at his disposal, resources of the government and the Breeding Cult.

  • Ames and C.J. took the surname 'White' in order to distance themselves from their father.
  • White is the only one to not have his clothing stolen in the final scene at Jam Pony

Cast and Characters / Asha
« Last post by SkylarGrace on July 02, 2010, 07:19:22 AM »
" You know what I mean. Logan's so romantic - I bet he's made her dinner. Wine... candles... I bet it's perfect."

Asha is an old friend of Logan’s and a member of the S1W.

Asha Barlow
Portrayed by:     Ashley Scott
First Appearance:     Designate This
Status:Alive; Human
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Asha has apparently known Logan for a while and they go back longer than Max’s return to Manticore. She is part of the resistance group, S1W, which fights corruption and injustice and although Logan has helped her out on many occasions, she does not know he is Eyes Only.

Her close relationship with Logan after Max’s capture serves to provide tension between the two women even though Logan does not return her affections. Logan later helped Asha escape over the border to Canada to evade an arrest warrant.

Special Skills
She shows a deep desire to weed out corruption and has, in the past, gone to great lengths to do so. She has also learnt to handle a weapon though not with any great proficiency.

Although she's not the leader, Asha has access to a vast number of S1W resources.

  • It is implied that Asha is in love with Logan.
  • Asha has menial fighting skills.

The writers had originally intended for a storyline treatment that involved a romantic involvement between Asha and Alec, but scrapped it earlier on.
Asha doesn't appear in the later episodes of the second season because the actress who portrays her, Ashley Scott was unavailable.
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