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Episode Guides and Transcripts / Female Trouble - 1x14
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:10:43 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Female Trouble - Synopsis

Fearing that he's losing his recently recovered mobility, Logan is keeping Max at arm's length. In hopes of keeping his legs, he's receiving mysterious treatments from a doctor by the name of Vertes, but doesn't want Max to know about it. Curious as to what's going on with the suddenly distant Logan, Max follows him to Vertes' office and, after Logan leaves, demands to know the truth from the doctor, who refuses to talk to Max.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts from overhead. Apparently, someone wants Vertes dead. Max rescues the doctor and engages the would-be assassin. Although the shooter escapes, Max recognizes her as Jace, one of the X5s who stayed behind at Manticore during the '09 escape. When Max asks why an X5 assassin would be gunning for her, Vertes feigns ignorance. But Max discovers the answer for herself, searching in her memory and remembering Vertes. She was a doctor at Manticore - in fact, she was one of the key architects of the transgenic program.

When Max breaks the news to Logan, he's unfazed... and unapologetic for his secretiveness. He explains that his legs are starting to fail him, and that another transfusion from Max wouldn't help. Only Vertes can get him back on his feet. He wants to walk again - needs to walk again - even if that means going behind Max's back and seeking help from those who tortured Max in her youth. Upset at Logan's duplicity, but realizing how important this is to him, Max takes Logan back to see Vertes.

When they get to Vertes' office, she's on her way out the door until Max stops her. Confronted with the truth, Vertes cops to her shameful past. Guilt-ridden by her participation in Manticore experiments, she left years ago and went into hiding. Recently, however, some of Vertes' colleagues have mysteriously died; she knows she's next. Max convinces Vertes that she'll keep her safe. She's not skipping town until she finishes treating Logan.

When Jace returns to kill Vertes, Max is ready. As they battle, Max tries to reason with Jace, but her sibling is too well conditioned and doesn't let up. But just when it looks like the two X5s are at a stalemate, Jace collapses in pain. Vertes examines Jace and learns that she's pregnant. Max and her sister have a tete-a-tete, but Jace isn't buying what she considers to be Max's propaganda. As far as Jace is concerned, Max is a traitor. Max finally manages to talk some sense into Jace; if she goes back to Manticore, she knows exactly what they'll do to her baby. Jace and her baby both deserve to live free.

Meanwhile, Vertes secretly contacts Lydecker and offers him a deal. She will turn over Max and Jace if Lydecker will spare her life. Lydecker agrees and, with Vertes' help, he re-acquires Jace. Of course, no sooner does Lydecker have Jace than he turns on Vertes and shoots her. But when Lydecker tries to use Jace to capture Max, the pregnant X5 turns right around and betrays Lydecker. Max and Jace speed off on Max's motorcycle, Max blowing their nemesis a kiss goodbye as they go.

Logan is despondent at the loss of Vertes... indeed, to the point of contemplating suicide. He quickly realizes, however, that he has too much to live for to take his own life. He helps Jace find passage out of the country, leaving Max hopeful that Logan will recover from the blow to his psyche.

Female Trouble - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / The Kidz Are Aiight - 1x13
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:09:40 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

The Kidz Are Aiight - Synopsis

Original Cindy's encounter with the Reds gets her evicted from her apartment, so Max invites her to move into her crib. Meanwhile, thanks to Logan's newly recovered mobility, Max and Logan's relationship appears to be moving in a new direction. Despite both Max and Logan's protestations, Bling and Original Cindy know that they could be heading towards the intimacy they've denied each other for the past several months.

In the midst of the idyllic romance between Max and Logan, however, lies intense pain... for Zack. He's been at Manticore for months now, enduring Lydecker's relentless torture. Eventually, Zack's body succumbs to the torture and he dies. But his death is hardly permanent; it turns out that the doctor who had been administering the torturous treatments has had a change of heart and has helped Zack escape by faking his death. In his efforts to help Zack out of Manticore, however, the doctor is shot and killed. Having nowhere to turn, Zack puts in a desperate call to Max, interrupting a quiet moment between Max and Logan.

Max leaves Logan behind and comes to Zack's rescue. He's so damaged by the months at Manticore that he has trouble remembering anything... including Max's identity. Max helps him remember the other X5s, prompting him to reveal details about Zane, Krit, Syl and Tinga. They soon realize, however, that Lydecker is listening to their conversation. The Manticore doctor was not helping Zack to escape, but setting him up, bugging him in hopes that he would reveal to another X5 the information he just spilled to Max; Manticore now knows everything they need to track down another handful of X5s.

Max and Zack race to Logan's with the news, and Logan puts out an Eyes Only message to the imperiled X5s. Zane, Krit and Syl receive the message and go underground before Lydecker can get to them, but Tinga is not so lucky. Zack and Max rush to Portland to help their sister escape, and the three genetically engineered super-soldiers handily defeat Lydecker's men.

Zack and Tinga hot-wire a car and burn rubber out of Portland, leaving Max to go back to Seattle and Logan. But when Max returns, she finds Logan strangely cold. Max is confused by Logan's distance, not realizing that his legs have started giving out on him again.

The Kidz Are Aiight - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Rising - 1x12
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:08:43 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Rising - Synopsis

After the death of one of their members, the Red Series are more intent than ever on capturing Max and the transgenic technology in her DNA. Johannessen reminds them that the girl is their only salvation. He's been working on tracking Max down via her broken pager, but it's taken longer than expected. Soon, he promises, they will find her.

Blissfully unaware of the looming threat, Max arrives for work at Jam Pony to discover that Original Cindy has found another job. They share an emotional farewell and agree to meet at Crash for a celebration later that night. What Original Cindy doesn't realize, however, is that the Reds have already paid a visit to her apartment and are trying to use her to get to Max.

Meanwhile, Logan begins to recover sensation in his legs and surmises that the blood transfusion he received from Max is the cause. In an attempt to speed along the healing, Max transfuses Logan again. The transfusion seems to have little effect, however, and Logan's frustration at being confined to the chair is starting to show.

That night at Crash, the whole gang parties and celebrates Original Cindy's new gig. The party ends abruptly for Max, however, when the Reds arrive at Crash, forcing her to flee. The Reds give Max a run for her money, their single-mindedness and resilience making them formidable opponents. She escapes two of the Reds and fights the remaining one to the death; as the defeated Red breathes his last, his final words are a plea to Max: "make us live."

Max and Logan visit Sebastian, who explains that Johannessen has misled the Reds. He's told them that Max's DNA can save them from the implant in their brains, but in actuality the South Africans only want Max's genes to create a new generation of Reds who are impervious to the effects of the chip. Max has no interest in being mommy to a breed of killing machines, so she and Logan set about determining how to defeat the Reds.

That's when Original Cindy calls Max from her new job at Meridian Insurance. Max hears a frightened tone in Cindy's voice and instantly determines that she's in trouble - the Reds have kidnapped Original Cindy to get to her. Max sneaks out of Logan's apartment and into Sebastian's, stealing the brain implant they recovered from the fallen Red. Sebastian begs her not to use it, but she knows it's the only way she can save Original Cindy and vanquish the Reds. She jams the implant into her neck and is seized by the tell-tale convulsions that indicate the implant's attachment to her brain.

Max crashes into Meridian Insurance and takes on the Reds. The battle is long, violent and heated, but Max eventually prevails. Johannessen emerges from the shadows, standing over a weakened Max, wanting the implant in her head and callously commenting how little he cared about the Reds... at which point Red Five rises up and, with his last ounce of strength, slams an axe into Johannessen's chest. The Red dies and Max collapses, the implant wreaking havoc on her system. Logan arrives at Meridian in the nick of time and, following Sebastian's instructions, deactivates the implant and saves Max's life.

Back at Logan's, Max finally comes clean with Original Cindy about her past. Original Cindy is surprised by Max's revelations, and the two have a tearful conversation which ends with the two friends closer together than ever before. Later, Logan has his own surprise for Max. As he rises out of his wheelchair, Max's look of astonishment fills his eyes. Logan thanks Max for giving him back the life he lost when he was shot, and explains that there's something he's wanted to do ever since he met Max. As they ride off on her motorcycle - Logan driving and shifting gears with his newly functional legs - Max ruminates over the potential changes in their relationship.

Rising - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Art Attack - 1x11
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:08:01 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Art Attack - Synopsis

Max agrees to attend a Cale family wedding as Logan's date. Logan warns her that this probably won't be a fun affair, but he is grateful that she's willing to accompany him and keep him sane in the midst of his family's insanity.

Meanwhile, a man by the name of Runyon contracts Jam Pony to deliver a package for him. He tries to drive home the importance of this delivery to Sketchy, but Sketchy nonetheless uses the packing tube to play-fence with Sky. Unbeknownst to the Jam Poniers, the contents of the tube get switched with those of another packing tube. When the delivery is made to Duvalier, an impatient art smuggler, he discovers that the contents are not the stolen Norman Rockwell painting he expected. He takes out his anger on Arnie Haas, Runyon's partner, but Haas assures him that there must have been some slip up at Jam Pony. Looking to set things right, Duvalier's men snatch Normal from Jam Pony and demand their painting.

Normal contacts Original Cindy and begs for help. Original Cindy determines that Duvalier's painting was mistakenly delivered by Max to an architectural firm. She calls Max and tells her that Normal's life depends on her retrieval of the Rockwell. Max slips out of the wedding - away from Logan's abusive Uncle Jonas and his ex-fiancée Daphne - and breaks into the firm where she delivered the painting. She delivers the Rockwell to Duvalier, who pops open the tube and unrolls the painting... only to discover that it's a forgery. Figuring that Runyon has double-crossed him, Duvalier flings Haas out a nearby window and demands that Max find Runyon and get him the right painting. Otherwise, he'll throw Normal out another window.

Max finds Runyon and smacks the truth out of him: he sold the original painting to another buyer and tried to pull a fast one on Duvalier. Max and Original Cindy return to the wedding and explain the situation to Logan, who tracks down Runyon's buyer. Max bolts off to a submarine yard to retrieve the Rockwell from a docked Korean submarine... leaving Original Cindy at the wedding to keep an eye on Logan and Daphne.

Max steals the painting from the submarine captain and manages to escape without wrinkling her fancy dress. She delivers the painting to Duvalier, drives Normal home, then returns to the wedding. Logan can't believe that she would deliver a priceless work of art to a lowlife smuggler, and determines to get the Rockwell back from Duvalier. He sets up a sting at the airport - the authorities arrest Duvalier for the murder of Arnie Haas as Max casually strolls off with the painting; Logan has essentially managed to frame Duvalier for a murder he did commit and steal from him the painting that he stole.

Art Attack - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Red - 1x10
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:07:23 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Red - Synopsis

Logan recruits Max to bodyguard an important witness in the upcoming trial of Mayor Leopold Steckler. Worried that witness protection won't be able to keep this key player safe, Logan insists that Max bail him out of police custody and take him to a secure location. What Max and Logan don't know until Max snatches the witness away from the cops is that the man they have to protect is none other than Bruno Anselmo, the man responsible for putting Logan in his wheelchair.

Max takes Bruno to Logan's safehouse, disgusted at having to keep this lowlife safe, even if it is for a good cause. Bruno wastes no time in validating Max's low opinion of him, summoning a couple of call girls to the safehouse while Max picks up a couple of pizzas for their dinner.

Max is forced to relocate Bruno to an out-of-the-way hotel, but Bruno again circumvents his bodyguard, giving Max the slip and sneaking off to a nearby biker bar. Max finds him about to pick a fight with a local. She quickly dispatches a handful of brawlers and hauls Bruno out of the bar... as a mysterious onlooker by the name of Johannessen watches them go... then picks up the phone and tells the person on the other line to gather the team.

Back at the hotel, Max chews Bruno out for risking his own life, then handcuffs him to the bed and allows him to make a phone call to his little girl, Anabelle. When Max steps out of the room to give Bruno some privacy, she witnesses three thugs arrive at the hotel and rough-up the concierge. Assuming they're here for Bruno, Max drags the suddenly tender daddy off the phone and they speed off on her motorcycle just as the lethal trio burst into their empty room, weapons drawn.

The next morning, Max informs Logan about their encounter; Logan promises to look into it. Then Max and Bruno are off to the park for a quick rendezvous with Anabelle and her mother, Mary Jo. They have another run-in with a would-be assassin, and Max once again saves Bruno's hide before escorting him to the courthouse.

In the meantime, Logan has contacted a paraplegic informant by the name of Sebastian, who uses the hotel's security footage to determine that the trio of assailants are part of an elite South African group known as the Red Series. The Reds are fitted with a brain implant that renders them impervious to pain and makes them inhumanly strong. They would be the perfect soldiers, except that the chip in their brains causes them to burn out and die after only a few months. Sebastian and Logan realize that the Reds weren't after Bruno - they were after Max. If they can get their hands on Manticore's transgenic technology, they might be able to keep the implants from burning out. Logan races to the courthouse to warn Max of the impending threat.

At the courthouse, Bruno's testimony is interrupted by a bomb threat. Max shuffles Bruno out of the courtroom, but he insists that they exit through the garage. Max follows her charge, only to find the Reds and Johannessen waiting for them in the basement. Bruno smiles, his betrayal of Max complete, then proceeds to collect a briefcase full of cash from Johannessen. Bruno bids a smarmy adieu to Max, then exits as the Reds move in on their quarry. Max faces off with the Reds and quickly realizes that this is a fight she might not win.

Logan sees Bruno exit the garage by himself and peels his car into the underground parking in search of Max. Logan screeches into the garage to find Max in dire straits, battered and bloody from her encounter with the South Africans. He pulls his gun and opens fire on the Reds, allowing Max enough time to jump into his car and escape. Logan burns rubber, leaving the Reds in his dust, foiled for the time being, but very much alive and ready to fight another day.

Red - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Out - 1x09
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:06:05 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Out - Synopsis

As Kendra helps Max to make a home-cooked meal for Logan, Logan appears and pulls Max away from the intimate domestic moment - he has important Eyes Only work for them to do. He suspects that a gangster by the name Gerhardt Bronck is stealing the city's blood supply and selling it overseas. Although Max is upset about her ruined dinner, Logan convinces her of the importance of the mission. Max breaks into Bronck's hangar, only to find it heavily guarded - despite Logan's assertions to the contrary. Max has to tuck tail and run amidst a rain of gunfire.

Back at Logan's, Max berates Logan for his constant single-mindedness. It's like the only thing that matters in his life is Eyes Only. And if that's the case, says Max, he can count her out. She's done working for Eyes Only.

Undeterred, Logan continues to investigate Bronck's dealings with the help of Detective Sung. But Bronck is one step ahead of Logan. The privileged information Sung has just acquired for Eyes Only was planted by the gangster; when Eyes Only goes public with Sung's material, Bronck realizes that the detective is in league with Eyes Only, and determines to use the noble cop to bring down the cyber-crusader. When Sung gets together with Logan, Bronck's thugs move in and abduct them both.

Meanwhile, Max goes on a delivery in a violent, gang-ridden area of town and sees Bronck's men kidnapping young girls off the street. Wondering how this fits into Bronck's plan, she calls Logan, only to learn from Bling that the man behind Eyes Only was kidnapped by Bronck and his men.

Demanding to know Eyes Only's true identity, Bronck tortures Sung before Logan's eyes. Unwilling to let the gangster kill his friend and informant, Logan reveals his secret to Bronck: he's Eyes Only. Bronck doubts Logan's veracity, but Logan's insistence starts to change the gangster's mind... until a mysterious caller claiming to be the real Eyes Only calls Bronck, demanding the release of his informants.

The mystery caller is none other than Max, posing as Eyes Only via a voice synthesizer. Bronck traces the call and orders his men to intercept the caller. However, Max has already anticipated his move and has diverted the signal to the other end of town, smack into the center of violent gang turf - where Bronck's men and the gangbangers collide in a hail of bullets and violence. With Bronck's goons out of the equation, Max must now figure out where Logan and Sung are being held before Bronck realizes he's been had.

Listening to a tape of her conversation with Bronck, Max's heightened hearing detects a foghorn in the background as well as the sound of planes flying overhead. She deduces that Logan and Sung must be near a particular airfield and springs into action. She rescues Logan and Sung, and intercepts Bronck as he tries to make his getaway on his private jet. She takes down Bronck and rescues the group of children he had stowed in the cargo hold. It turns out that Bronck wasn't smuggling blood after all, but running an international prostitution ring, stealing children from the streets of Seattle and shipping them overseas to serve as sex slaves.

With the mission accomplished, Max and Logan mend fences. She was wrong to just walk out on Eyes Only, but he was wrong to put their lives on hold. After all, they live in a broken world, and the world will still be broken tomorrow.

Out - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Blah Blah, Woof Woof - 1x08
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:05:13 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Blah Blah, Woof Woof - Synopsis

Having recaptured Brin, Lydecker returns to Seattle to pick up where he left off. Instead of scouring the city for Max, however, he will make the city bring Max to him. He plasters wanted posters with Max's likeness all over the city, offering a reward for $50,000 for the murderer of Dan Vogelsang.

Meanwhile, Dr. Carr informs Logan that he needs surgery to remove a bullet fragment that was left in his spine when he was shot a few months back. The bullet has shifted, and now poses a significant risk to Logan's health. The operation is risky, but leaving the fragment where it is could be worse.

That evening, Logan comes home to find Zack waiting for him. He fills Logan in on the wanted posters that pepper the city. He's convinced that Max's only chance to avoid Lydecker is to leave Seattle with him immediately. Though uneasy with the idea of Max leaving, Logan knows Zack is right.

Zack and Logan bail Max out of a close call with some of Lydecker's men, and Logan arranges for Max and Zack to leave the country and hole up in his family's cabin. With Max in the dark about his upcoming medical procedure, Logan and Max share a tender kiss goodbye before he returns to the city.

That night, Max and Zack have a moment of quiet in which Max discovers that her big brother isn't always the tough commander he makes himself out to be. As Max tries to sleep, however, she's troubled by the nagging feeling that Logan needs her. When she calls Seattle, her fears are confirmed by Bling, who tells her that Logan is going under the knife. Max resolves to come back to Logan, but Zack chastises her - she's risking her life going back to a city that has declared her a public enemy. The two come to blows over Max's decision, and Zack has to wash his hands of her. If she's going to put her life on the line for foolish sentimentality, she'll do so without him.

Max returns to find a post-op Logan in dire straits. He's in desperate need of a blood transfusion, but the Seattle blood banks are practically drained. Lucky for Logan, the X5 class was engineered to be universal donors. She gives Logan the blood he so badly needs, and the two of them share a vision of a beautiful ballroom... of Logan out of his chair... of dancing.

That's when the authorities burst in and take Max into custody. Luckily for her, though, another suspect has stepped forward and confessed to the murder of Vogelsang. That suspect, much to Max's surprise, is Zack. As much as he disagreed with his sister's decision to return to Seattle, he couldn't stand idly by and let her take the rap for a crime he committed. Max is set free, but Zack is taken back to Manticore. When the chopper carrying him crashes, however, Max is able to hold on to the hope that Zack escaped from his captors.

Blah Blah, Woof Woof - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Cold Comfort - 1x07
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:03:43 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Cold Comfort - Synopsis

Two grocers discover a young woman frozen solid in their meat locker. Assuming her to be dead, they receive the shock of their lives when the young woman, Brin, awakens and flees. Brin, like Max, is one of the 12 Manticore escapees. She contacts Zack and tells him she needs his help. But when Zack arrives to rendezvous with Brin, men in black SUVs attack and grab Brin; Zack is helpless.

Meanwhile, a businessman by the unlikely name of Mr. Sivapathasundaram has shown an interest in purchasing Jam Pony. Normal, in an attempt to spruce up the place, designs official "Ride With Pride" jerkins for the gang and imposes an iron-fisted regime. Miserable at the thought of working for the new and improved Jam Pony, Original Cindy vows to take matters into her own hands.

When Max returns home after a day's work, she finds a wounded Zack waiting for her, about to pass out. "Lydecker has Brin" is all he can say before losing consciousness. Zack wakes to find himself at Logan's. He explains about Brin: she'd been acting erratically, she called him, but Lydecker's men took her before he could get to her. Max tells her brother that they have to find her, but Zack insists that she's gone; they should move on. Max refuses to follow Zack's directive - she'll try to save Brin with or without his help. The first step is to find Lydecker. With Logan's help, they unearth Lydecker's DOD records, which tell the tale of his shining career in the military... until his wife was murdered. Upon losing his wife, Lydecker descended into a life of alcohol, eventually pulling himself out of it and presumably heading up Manticore. Hoping that Lydecker's still "in the program," Max and Zack attend a local AA meeting, find Lydecker and kidnap him.

Meanwhile, the Jam Pony gang springs into action. Having neutralized Normal with laxatives, they take over the place and, as Sketchy leads Mr. Sivapathasundaram on a tour, fake a toxic chemical spill. Sketchy hurries Sivapathasundaram into the back room. They must escape this place, urges Sivapathasundaram. Sketchy directs him to the chained-up trap door that leads to the steam tunnels. That way lies salvation. They bust through the steam tunnels just as Normal arrives at Jam Pony looking for Sivapathasundaram. Original Cindy informs him that the prospective buyer flaked. It's back to normal for Jam Pony.

Max and Zack interrogate Lydecker, but their nemesis insists he doesn't have Brin. He informs them that a number of interested parties could've kidnapped Brin in order to sell her as a sophisticated weapons system. After all, her DNA is worth millions. With Logan's help, Max and Zack discover that she has indeed been put on the market by Major Jake Sanders, a former colleague of Lydecker's who has been using the nearby Fort Xavier to broker illegal arms deals. They resolve to spring their sister from captivity, but Lydecker insists on tagging along. He can get them in the front door. Max and Zack warily agree, but as soon as they are within the gates of Fort Xavier, Lydecker betrays them and puts them in lockup with Brin.

Max and Zack aren't surprised by Lydecker's betrayal, but they are taken aback by the condition in which they find Brin. She's suffering from a form of progeria that is causing rapid aging and could cost Brin her life within forty-eight hours. Max and Zack spring into action, and sneak the ailing X5 out of the brig. Meanwhile, Lydecker and Sanders turn against each other, and their soldiers duke it out while the X5s barrel out the front gate in Lydecker's Hummer.

But Brin's condition is deteriorating; Lydecker contacts Max on the radio and convinces her that the only way to save Brin is to hand her over to him so that he can return her to Manticore. Brin pleads with Max... she doesn't want to die. Max and Zack tearfully return Brin to Lydecker.

Cold Comfort - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Prodigy - 1x06
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:02:49 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Prodigy - Synopsis

Kendra has a new gig. She's translating Japanese into English for Dr. Yukio Tanaka, a geneticist who is in Seattle to host a genetics conference at the Steinlitz Hotel. When Max learns that Tanaka turned a sickly baby into a healthy child by re-sequencing his DNA, she wonders if he might be able to help her with her seizures. She asks Logan for phony press credentials so that she can attend the conference. Despite his misgivings about "Dr. Feelgood," he acquiesces.

At the conference, Max introduces herself to Tanaka as Rachel Glasser, a reporter from BioTech Frontiers magazine. She impresses him with her knowledge of genetics before moving to Kendra and making sure her roommate doesn't blow her cover.

Tanaka begins his presentation, telling the attendees about Jude, a crack baby whose DNA was manipulated using groundbreaking gene-sequencing techniques; not only did Tanaka save Jude from his flawed genes, he turned the boy into a young genius. As Max watches footage of Jude's first years, she recalls her childhood training at Manticore. While she's ruminating, a man takes the empty seat next to her in the crowded auditorium. Lydecker.

Luckily, Lydecker doesn't recognize Max. As it turns out, he's also here to learn about Tanaka's work. Remembering Lydecker's own lessons on the importance of knowing one's enemy, Max tempers her revulsion and engages Lydecker in conversation as Rachel Glasser.

Suddenly, a commotion interrupts Tanaka's presentation and armed gunmen storm the conference room. Their leader, Jon Darius, proclaims that they are members of the May 22nd Movement, an anti-technology terrorist faction that takes its inspiration from the Unabomber, the ultimate technophobe. They are here to rescue Jude from those who would exploit him. Before the terrorists can make a quiet escape with the boy, Lydecker pulls the fire alarm. Authorities respond instantly, forcing Darius to take the conference-goers hostage.

Darius contacts the police and demands safe passage for himself, his colleagues, and the boy. He announces that he will kill a hostage an hour until his demands are met. Logan and Bling arrive at the Steinlitz just in time to witness the killing of the first hostage, Dr. Tanaka, who is flung from the roof of the hotel.

When Logan learns that Max is one of the hostages, he volunteers to act as an intermediary. Logan knows Darius - he interviewed the terrorist a few years ago - and thinks he may be able to gain his trust. As a gesture of goodwill, Darius agrees to release the female hostages, but only if Logan will take their place. The terrorists usher Max, Kendra and the other women to the exits as Logan enters. But Max isn't about to leave Logan and Jude in the hands of armed terrorists; hanging back, she takes out a terrorist and goes back to the auditorium.

Outside, the National Guard has taken control of the situation and is opting for aggressive measures. They land troops on the hotel roof and shoot terrorists at the entrances. Darius is furious; thinking he's been tricked, he orders Logan tossed from the roof as well. Darius' men throw Logan over the edge, but Max swoops in at the last possible moment, saving Logan from the same fate as Tanaka. The two smash through a hotel window and onto a bed, where they chastise each other for putting themselves in such danger. After an embarrassed silence, they agree to put the argument aside until later. Saving Jude and the others is the top priority.

Surprisingly, Max and Logan find an unexpected ally in Lydecker, who tries to save the day but is quickly overpowered by Darius' men. Ironically, Max winds up saving her nemesis' life. She takes out the remaining terrorists in the auditorium, then goes to find Jude, who has been whisked away by Darius. Max easily finds and knocks out Darius, then turns to the distraught Jude. Tanaka is the only family he has ever known: what will happen to him now? Max assures him that everything will be okay before taking him in her arms and to safety.

In the aftermath of the National Guard siege, Lydecker finds a group of soldiers mercilessly beating Darius. He reproaches them for violating Darius' right to due process - do they want Darius showing up for trial bruised and beaten? Of course not, the soldiers mutter. Neither does Lydecker; so he takes a soldier's pistol and shoots Darius dead. Problem solved.

That night, Max wonders if she did the right thing by saving Lydecker's life. Logan commends Max. She made the right choice, at least morally speaking. Max agrees, but can't help wonder what will happen the next time they cross paths.

Prodigy - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / 411 on the DL - 1x05
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:01:50 PM »
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411 on the DL - Synopsis

While out riding her motorcycle one night, Max is pulled over by corrupt police officers who confiscate her bike on the bogus pretext of a broken taillight. When Max tries to get her Ninja out of impound, the cops demand three thousand dollars for it - well more than she can afford. Original Cindy suggests that she look in the newspaper for a new bike, but when Max looks in the classifieds, she is surprised to find her barcode number listed there alongside a time and place. Apparently, someone wants a secret meeting with Max.

Logan cautions Max: the meeting could be a trap. Lydecker knows Max's barcode; he could be trying to draw her out. Max sees the logic of Logan's argument, but counters with an equally plausible alternative. Zack also knows her barcode number - what if it's him?

Max arrives at the location, but finds neither Lydecker nor Zack. It's Vogelsang. He has information on the twelve Manticore escapees, but he wants fifteen thousand dollars for it. He doesn't care how she gets the money, but he wants it ASAP. Vogelsang is offering a one-time-only opportunity; with or without the cash, he's getting out of Seattle and as far away as possible from Lydecker.

Meanwhile, at Jam Pony, Normal fires Herbal Thought for smoking pot in the bathroom. The gang protests, but Herbal remains cool. As far as he's concerned, it's all part of the Most High's plan. Normal wastes no time in hiring a replacement for Herbal, a young go-getter by the name of Sam, who is instantly shunned by the rest of the Jam Pony community.

In a desperate attempt to get Vogelsang's money, Max visits Logan and finds him with his ex-wife, Valerie. Valerie is back in town to make amends with Logan, part of a twelve-step program she's been working as part of her alcoholic recovery. Max has to cover her jealousy when she sees the rapport between the two. Logan refuses to give Max the money she needs, thinking she's being played by Vogelsang and insisting that she's heading down a dangerous path.

Running out of time, Max comes up with a solution that will not only net her the cash she needs, it will also get her back her motorcycle. She breaks into the police impound yard, cracks the safe, steals a large sum of money and recovers her bike. She's ready to meet with Vogelsang. Unbeknownst to Max and Vogelsang, however, Lydecker has learned of their impending meeting. The bug he planted on Vogelsang a few weeks ago has finally paid off. When Max and Vogelsgang meet, he'll be there.

In the meantime, Jam Pony has become a madhouse. In protest of Herbal's termination, the messengers have staged a work slow-down. The only one who's trying to do his best is Sam, who's still getting the cold shoulder from the Jam Pony gang. Normal sends him out on a run with Max, and Sam tries to befriend Max over a cup of coffee. But Max is elusive. She's waiting for Vogelsang to ring the payphone and tell her where to meet; she doesn't listen to a word Sam says and bolts out of the coffee shop as soon as she receives word from Vogelsang.

With some time to kill, Max kicks back with her friends at The Wall. The comical sight of Sketchy's uneven tan sparks something in Max's mind - Logan's ex, Valerie, had a tan line where a wedding band would normally be. Suspicious, Max follows Valerie and finds that she is indeed married to a young stud named Mitch.

Max then rides to meet Vogelsang, only to find a crime scene at Vogelsang's rooming house. Someone put a bullet through Vogelsang's head. The presence of Lydecker's men gives Max a good idea who pulled the trigger.

Back at Logan's, Max explains about Vogelsang and the information he took to his grave. Logan points her in the right direction - a tattoo parlor in Chinatown. As she's walking out, Max stops. She has some bad news for Logan. It's about Valerie...

Max pieces together a set of clues and hurries to a boarding house where she thinks another barcode kid is lodging. She finds Zack, a.k.a. Sam. It seems that big brother had been keeping his eye on Max and took the Jam Pony job to have a closer look at her life. Max and Zack flee as Lydecker's men bear down on the boarding house. Afterwards, they have a moment to catch up.

As it turns out, Zack is not the loving brother Max expected. He's still in full Manticore mode. Ever the soldier, it was Zack that killed Vogelsang to keep the information about the twelve a secret... a secret he refuses to tell even Max. "The less we know about each other, the better," he says. As her commanding officer, Zack orders Max to leave Seattle; her position has been compromised. Max refuses - she's not a soldier, and he's not her C.O. Disappointed, Zack leaves... he can't be responsible for her if she won't follow the rules.

Meanwhile, Logan gives Valerie an envelope full of money. That's what she came for, isn't it? Valerie feigns ignorance, but Logan says he understands; it's a tough world out there since The Pulse. Valerie takes the money and leaves Logan's life for good.

After a small gathering to celebrate Herbal's re-hiring at Jam Pony, Max stops by Logan's and they share their recent disappointments. Valerie and Zack both turned out to be different than they hoped. Max and Logan are left feeling very much alone... but at least they have each other.

411 On The DL - Transcript

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