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Episode Guides and Transcripts / C.R.E.A.M. - 1x04
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 14:00:47 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

C.R.E.A.M. - Synopsis

A young woman, ALINA, comes to "Eyes Only," asking him to help her find her missing father, NATHAN HERRERO. Herrero was a journalist, and he made a lot of enemies in his day. Two years ago he "disappeared" - kidnapped from his home by persons unknown and has never been seen alive since. Alina wants "Eyes Only" to find out what happened to him.

Logan discusses taking the case with Max. It becomes clear that, back in the days of the free press, Herrero was something of a mentor to Logan. Max, who finds herself naturally empathizing with a girl who's looking for her missing family, encourages him to help Alina. She also agrees to do the necessary legwork.

Max's first assignment is to get Herrero's police file from the municipal building. She tangles with a security guard, but eventually retrieves the file and escapes on her motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Sketchy has gotten himself into a jam. He's been working as a mule for a local mob boss/casino owner named RAFE, delivering packages of money. One package has disappeared, and Sketchy's on the hook for the missing $15G.

Logan checks out Herrero's file and uncovers a lead - Herrero's housekeeper, REBECCA, purchased an apartment soon after he was snatched. Logan suspects that she may have been paid off by someone, and sends Max to bug the place. However, when Max arrives at the apartment, she sees that Rebecca doesn't live there alone - her "roommate" is the very-much-alive Nathan Herrero.

Logan contacts Herrero and they meet. Herrero tells Logan that he fell in love with Rebecca and was tired of fighting the losing battles, so he faked his own disappearance. Logan tries to convince him that the struggle needs him more than ever - Allan Lans, a major bad guy, is about to be elected police commissioner - but Herrero feels he never made a real difference in the world. Now, he just wants to enjoy what life he has left for him.

Logan tells Herrero about Alina, and how much she wants to see him. Herrero is surprised - he admits he wasn't much of a father, but is willing to try to make it up to her. Logan is bitterly disappointed in his mentor, but Max sees things a little more clearly: Herrero is alive, and she's happy to go give Alina the good news.

With business taken care of, Max and Original Cindy set about getting Sketchy's money for him. They dress up, and head out for Rafe's casino. Max calculates the speed of the wheel and the ball to win at roulette, but it's at poker that she really excels - when she shuffles the deck she can see the corner of each card fall into place, and instantly etches them into her photographic memory. Max and Original Cindy win $15G, which they hand off to Sketchy in the alley. He promptly goes inside to pay off Rafe with his own cash.

That night, Herrero's apartment blows up, and Logan and Max realize that they were played - Alina hired them to find her father so she could sell him out to Allan Lans, who then had him killed for real. Max goes looking for Alina and finds her making her escape by train with a suitcase full of money. Max confronts her. They struggle, and the suitcase breaks open, scattering money out an open train car door and into the wind.

At the same time, Logan receives a package. Inside is a tape from Herrero, made the day before. A thank you for helping to reunite him with his daughter, and some information he'd been developing that Allan Lans was responsible for the death of a Seattle District Attorney. Logan airs the tape as an "Eyes Only" streaming freedom video. Although it may not affect Lans' election to police commissioner, he's able to honor his mentor one last time...

C.R.E.A.M. - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Flushed - 1x03
« Last post by Shay on June 15, 2010, 13:57:30 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Flushed - Synopsis

Max is having a particularly bad time with her seizures. Needing extra Tryptophan to calm them, and not having any money to pay her supplier, Max "borrows" the cash that Kendra had collected from the other squatters in the building to pay off Walter Eastep, the cop. Max steals a gangster's ride and tries to sell it to replace the cash, but the fence can't pay her till the next morning. Max leaves empty-handed.

When Max gets home, Kendra and Original Cindy are waiting for her. She's been acting odd lately - sick, forgetful, short-tempered - so they searched her things and found the pills. Assuming that the Tryptophan is a drug of some kind, they've tossed them down the drain and now want Max to get some help. Max freaks. Goes to her regular supplier for more, but she's out. Desperate, Max tries to steal more pills from the local hospital, but in her weakened condition she can't fight off the security guards when they discover her riffling the pharmacy. Max is arrested.

Eastep arrives the next morning for his payoff, and when Kendra still doesn't have the cash, he has everyone thrown out in the street. Meanwhile, Max is getting booked. She meets BREAK, a militant clothing storeowner. Break has been through the system before, and he takes pity on the sickly Max, whose seizures are getting worse without the Tryptophan.

Logan arrives at Jam Pony, looking for Max. Original Cindy gives him a piece of her mind, and accuses him of getting her girl hooked up on drugs. Logan figures out what's happened, and tells Original Cindy that without the Tryptophan Max will die. Original Cindy is devastated that she's unwittingly put her friend in mortal danger.

With Break's help, Max attempts an escape, but she's captured before she can get over the fence. The WARDEN arrives. Instructs the guards to bring her up to his house.

Logan's contact on the police force, DETECTIVE MATT SUNG gets Logan some more Tryptophan, and "arrests" Original Cindy so she can get into the prison and bring it to Max. Once there, Original Cindy meets Break, who tells her that Max has been taken up to the Warden's house. He uses his connections with a guard to get Original Cindy assigned to work detail at the house.

Meanwhile, Vogelsang gets a call from a friend of his at the prison, telling him that a girl with a barcode on her neck has been brought in. He tips off Lydecker, who promptly mobilizes the troops and heads out.

Max wakes up at the Warden's house and meets MARIA, the maid. She's sweet, very young, and seems happy that Max will be staying with them. Max, in her delirium, dreams that Maria is really LUCY, her former foster sister who was abused by their foster dad when Max was a child. Max still feels guilty that when she escaped the foster home she didn't take Lucy with her. It's clear that the Warden has been sexually abusing Maria, but Max is too weak to stop him. The Warden has plans for Max too, just as soon as she's feeling a little better.

Original Cindy infiltrates the house, and Maria tells her where Max is being kept. Lydecker has arrived at the prison and is searching the population, but the Warden is smart enough to know he'll be searching the house next. He goes to get Max to turn her over, but Original Cindy has given her the Tryptophan and Max now handily overpowers him. Original Cindy grabs hold of the Warden's gun, and they force him to take them to his car. Max, not willing to make the same mistake she did when she was young, insists that they bring Maria with them. The Warden drives off the grounds while Original Cindy holds his own gun on him, and Max and Maria hide in the trunk.

The Warden pulls a fast one and knocks Original Cindy unconscious. He's about to shoot Max and Maria through the trunk lid when Max bursts it open. Just then, a jeep full of prison guards arrives. Max takes them out and jumps behind the wheel of the Jeep. The Warden has trained his gun on Max, but she slams the Jeep into his car, which knocks into him and sends him off a ravine.

Lydecker attempts to retrieve Max's prison records, but Logan has hacked into the system and deleted them. Logan also finds a home for Maria, and sends a personal "Eyes Only" video to Walter warning him to quit shaking down the squatters...

Flushed - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Heat - 1x02
« Last post by Shay on June 14, 2010, 12:01:00 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Heat - Synopsis

For the past few days Max has been suffering from a peculiar side effect of her hopped up DNA. Seems the scientists at Manticore added a dash of feline genetic material to her personal ****tail, and while it makes her musculature that much more efficient, it also puts her in heat two or three times a year. Max has been preoccupied the last 48 hours, desperately trying not to give in to her raging hormones.

Max takes care of some bad guys for Logan, in exchange for his promise to further develop the information he has on Zack. However, once that's taken care of, she heads to Crash and takes home a young man named ERIC, with the intention of finally giving in to her baser impulses. Max is more than a little relieved when Eric passes out in a drunken stupor before anything can happen, thus saving her from herself.

The next day, Logan pages Max and gives her the information she's been waiting for - he's located HANNAH, the woman who picked Max up on the road the night she escaped from Manticore. Hannah lives just outside the city on Sedro Island. Logan warns Max that this could be a trap, and that Lydecker could be waiting for her, but she ignores him. If Hannah's in trouble, then Max is the one who put her there, and it's up to Max to get her back out.

Max is getting the bike ready for a road trip when Eric shows up unexpectedly. She's all set to give him the brush off, when he tells her that his uncle is a big guy in the sector police. Since this trip to Hannah's will involve passing through checkpoints, Max decides to take Eric along with her.

Unfortunately, at the checkpoint Eric confesses that his uncle is not nearly as important as he had implied (he's a janitor), and Max has to crash her way through. She leaves the hapless Eric on the dock to watch her stuff while she swims to Sedro Island.

Max finds Hannah's house, and Hannah welcomes her in. She calls work to tell them that she'll be late, and she and Max talk briefly. Meanwhile, Logan pages Max and is surprised when Eric returns the call. Eric tells Logan that Max is on Sedro Island.

Max tells Hannah that she knows the phone call she made before was really to let Lydecker know that Max was there, and that he must be on his way. Hannah cries and asks for Max's forgiveness. Lydecker had threatened to kill her if she didn't cooperate. Max assures Hannah that he'll kill her even though she did cooperate, which is why they have to get out of the house right away.

Max and Hannah run for their lives while Logan hacks into Lydecker's radio transmissions. The island is now surrounded and crawling with soldiers.

Max and Hannah come to a dam. There seems to be no way across, except by bridge, but the soldiers are converging on it from both directions. Max and Hannah hide, sure that they will be spotted at any second. Suddenly, a call comes through the soldier's radios that another team has already captured the prisoners. The soldiers on the bridge disperse. Max spots an old power cable. She grabs Hannah and they ride the cable across the dam to temporary safety.

Meanwhile, Lydecker is waiting for his prisoners to be delivered, but when his men arrive they tell him that someone's been jamming their transmissions. We find that it was Logan, giving Lydecker's men false information to steer them away from Max and Hannah. The women get to the shore and find a boat, but Max can't get it started. All seems lost, until a speedboat coasts up to them, with Eric at the helm. The three take off, just seconds ahead of the bad guys.

Later, Eric says goodbye to Max ("We are two very different people"), and Max reluctantly says goodbye to Hannah. But before they part, Hannah gives Max some information about her birth mother...

Heat - Transcript

Episode Guides and Transcripts / Pilot - 1x01
« Last post by Shay on June 14, 2010, 11:37:47 AM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Pilot - Synopsis

In the year 2009, a group of genetically engineered children escape from a military installment in the Wyoming Mountains. Despite best efforts of COLONEL LYDECKER and his men, MAX and a few others make it past the perimeter guards and to freedom.

Ten years later, the U.S. finds itself mired in a depression brought about by The Pulse, an electromagnetic shockwave that wreaked havoc on the world economy by obliterating every computer system in operation. Max now works as a seemingly ordinary bike messenger in Seattle. Unbeknownst to her friends, however, Max has an extraordinary hobby: she's a cat burglar who steals from Seattle's richest citizens to finance her ongoing investigation into her past. Unfortunately, so far Private Investigator DAN VOGELSANG hasn't been able to come up with anything useful that'll bring Max closer to finding ZACK, JONDY or any of the other Chimera that escaped with her in '09.

It is during a seemingly routine burglary in a posh high-rise that Max stumbles across LOGAN CALE, aka "EYES ONLY," an underground cyberjournalist who is the only voice of truth left in the corrupt city of Seattle. Logan is using his fortified apartment to keep a source (LAUREN) and her daughter (SOPHY) out of harm's way. Lauren is a former employee of evil entrepreneur EDGAR SONRISA, and she has testimony that can put Sonrisa away for life. Obviously, Sonrisa would like nothing more than to silence Eyes Only and kill Lauren.

Max bails on Logan's apartment at the first opportunity, but Logan tracks her down; he needs to make sure that she doesn't present a security risk to "Eyes Only." Although Max has no intention of compromising Logan's operation, she also has no interest in joining the "Eyes Only" crusade to save the world. Logan tries to change her mind by offering information - he knows about Manticore, the military base where she and the others like her were trained. He knows about the escape, about her genetic make-up. He can help her, but he needs her help first: she could be invaluable in keeping Lauren and Sophy safe until Lauren can testify against Sonrisa. But Max has no interest - she's too busy looking out for herself to risk her neck for people she doesn't even know.

Max goes about her business, trying to ignore her conscience... until matters hit too close to home to ignore anymore. Sonrisa's men kidnap Sophy and shoot Logan, whose sacrifice allows Lauren to escape. To make matters worse, Sonrisa's nefarious business dealings cost Max's neighbor his life. After sneaking into Logan's hospital room to make sure he's okay, Max springs into action.

She infiltrates Sonrisa's mansion during a party and convinces him that she can deliver Lauren to him. Instead, she turns the tables on Sonrisa and his thug BRUNO, who gun each other down. But the hard part is still to come. In order to rescue Sophy from Sonrisa's remaining goons, she has to sneak past the goons as well as Lydecker's men, who have gotten wind of her whereabouts by tapping Vogelsang's phones. Outsmarting the gun-toting villains, Max pits Lydecker's men against Sonrisa's, sneaks Sophy out the front door and returns her safe and sound to Lauren.

A few months later, Logan has recovered sufficiently to return to his "Eyes Only" duties. He's paralyzed from the waist down, but he'll live. He thanks Max for her involvement in the Sonrisa case, and reiterates his desire that she join the "Eyes Only" team. Again, Max declines, and again Logan baits her with information - this time, on Zack, the one Manticore escapee Max is most curious about. Logan and Max make a tentative agreement. Quid pro quo. She'll help him save the world if he'll help her put together the puzzle of her past, one piece at a time...

Pilot - Transcript

The Official RH Challenges / June - July - August 2010 - Prompts
« Last post by Shay on June 13, 2010, 10:23:37 AM »
Inspiration & Motivation
June - July - August  2010

The following prompts are offered with the sole purpose of kick-starting your muses. Submissions based on or around the ideas below will not be counted towards any competitions or polls and are only meant to help generate stories for the entertainment of the general DA fandom public.

This month's offerings - feel free to use any and interpret them as you wish! Any and all ratings are welcome, provided they are clearly labeled.

1) "That's actually a bit of a complicated answer that I think would be best answered after a drink."

2) Eyebrow

3) There's no such thing as a free lunch

4) Oh No, You Didn't...!
Story must involve:
+ a Freudian slip
+ take-away/fast food
+ the basement
+ something borrowed
+ a bribe
+ the number 9
Cast and Characters / Cast and Characters, Setting and Setup
« Last post by Shay on June 07, 2010, 19:07:51 PM »
Cast and Characters

See individual character bios for more details.

Other Information – Setting & Setup

Dark Angel premiered on FOX on October 3, 2000. Academy Award-winning director James Cameron teams with Emmy Award-winning writer Charles Eglee to create this futuristic, sci-fi adventure series set in post-apocalyptic America. Dark Angel is about Max, a genetically enhanced human prototype who, after escaping her military handlers, is hunted by them through the edgy, underground street life of 21st Century Pacific Northwest. Max is aided in her quest — both to avoid capture and to reunite with her surviving “siblings” scattered in the aftermath of their escape — by Logan, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling corruption and the oppressive establishment in this futuristic landscape. Although she initially resists Logan’s attempts to enlist her in his social struggle, preferring instead to maintain the ultracool demeanor of detached, alienated youth, Max ultimately brings her unique skills and abilities to bear in taking on the ruthless power-brokers of the new millennium.
An Overview / Introduction and Series Overview
« Last post by Shay on June 04, 2010, 03:06:46 AM »
Originally written by fee_kh


Dark Angel is an American biopunk science fiction television story, which premiered in the USA and Canada on the FOX network on October 3rd 2000 and ran for two seasons before being cancelled.

Biopunk is a form of science fiction that focuses on biotechnology and subversives. Usually it explores the struggles on an individual or a group, often a product of human experimentation, against a backdrop of totalitarian governments or mega corporations, which misuses biotechnologies as a means of social control and/or profiteering. As such Dark Angel is in the same genre as the books Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling and The Xenogenesis trilogy by Octavia E. Butler and the movies The Fly (1986), Jurassic Park (1993) and Gattaca (1997).

Dark Angel retains some aspects of biopunk’s parent genre cyberpunk, for example the idea of a lone hero, a computer hacker, fighting injustice and that the setting is a generally dystopian future that was impacted by rapid technological change, in this case the Pulse, that has destroyed life as we know it.


Dark Angel itself begins with a brief synopsis of what has gone before. A group of young transgenics (a term James Cameron coined to describe his genetically altered protagonists) flees a military installation, called Manticore after the mythical composite beast of Greek mythology), in the middle of winter. The setting is the end of the 20th century. A number of important facts are given in the opening minutes, for example the rather prominent barcode the children have on the back of their necks, identifying them to each other and their makers. Further we learn that eleven manage to escape, but that many more have remained behind, a fact that will become important in the second season. These eleven split up and our protagonist, a young transgenic calling herself Max is left alone after falling through the ice into a pond during the escape.

Through the course of the season the viewer comes to know more of what life at Manticore had been like for this small family. The harsh drills and exercises the children were forced to take part in from a very early age. They were trained to be super-soldiers, stronger, faster and with a higher endurance that mere human soldiers. The toll is high and once a design flaw becomes apparent (namely that the transgenics are unable to produce the necessary amino acid tryptophan for themselves) it rises even higher. One member of Max’s family is taken away to be dissected once the weakness becomes apparent, and when Max shows symptoms, the unit leader Zack resolves to escape. It is never explicitly stated but implied that The Pulse, an electromagnetic attack on the USA which destroyed all electrical systems, aided the escapees in their efforts to disappear from view after their escape. Manticore’s leader, a Colonel Lydecker, never gives up the chase, however.

The series proper begins ten years after the escape. Max lives in Seattle at that point, squatting in a derelict building with her friend Kendra. The town has been hard hit by the Pulse and the military state that was imposed after in an effort to control what was left of the country. The town is riddled with check points and only those with sector passes may move from one to the other without problem.

Max has been searching for her brothers and sisters ever since she escaped, something that costs a lot of money. She spends her days working for a bike courier service named Jam Pony and her nights exercising her skills as a cat burglar to the rich and famous.

During one of her raids she inadvertently makes contact with Logan Cale, a rich heir who, from his penthouse, secretly works to uncover crimes as the cyber-journalist Eyes Only. Logan Cale becomes curious about his nighttime guest and eventually discovers who she is and where she comes from. They agree to work together, Max providing him with the muscle he needs on his mission and in return Cale will help her find her lost siblings. Much of season one follows this course, Cale either sending Max out on a mission to gather intelligence, or Manticore coming close to catching up with her. Various members of Max’s family make an appearance in Seattle at some point in the season, usually with tragic consequences. The first season finally ends with a full-scale attack by Max and some of her siblings on the Manticore installation in an effort to destroy the genetics lab. In the course of this Max is fatally wounded and believed dead. Her big brother Zack however returns her to Manticore and sacrifices himself so she may live.

Season two opens with the realization that Max survived her grave injuries and is now kept captive in the new Manticore installation one hour outside of Seattle. Eventually Max will escape once more, this time bringing Manticore down completely and setting free all the transgenics inside the facility with the aid of X5-494, named Alec. Max reunites with her friends, but is unable to continue her budding romance with Logan Cale as she is now the carrier of a deadly virus targeted specifically to her genome.

The destruction of Manticore has made the existence of transgenics public knowledge and the government begins to take action in containing the transgenic threat. Much of season two is dominated by this theme, but it soon becomes apparent that the government agent leading the recapture operation, Ames White, is in fact a member of a thousand year breeding cult named The Familiars, whose sole aim it is to eradicate mere humans from the face of the earth. Soon it is learned that the founder of Manticore a scientist named Sandeman, defected from the cult and created the transgenics to fight The Familiars. He also programmed Max’s DNA to provide clues to necessary action in runes that appear on her skin. This story line was never fully explored in the course of the series.

Many episodes deal with protecting various Manticore alumni from the actions of Ames White, taking the form of a creature of the week format. It all finally comes to a head in the last few episodes of season two, when the transgenics declare their independence and state that they will fight for what is theirs. Season Two ends on this ambiguous note and for a long time viewers were left in quandary as to what happens next.

Many of the open questions were finally answered in the books released after the series had been cancelled. The Familiar issue is resolved, as is the danger of the virus keeping Max and Logan apart.
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