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" You know what I mean. Logan's so romantic - I bet he's made her dinner. Wine... candles... I bet it's perfect."

Asha is an old friend of Logan’s and a member of the S1W.

Asha Barlow
Portrayed by:     Ashley Scott
First Appearance:     Designate This
Status:Alive; Human
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Asha has apparently known Logan for a while and they go back longer than Max’s return to Manticore. She is part of the resistance group, S1W, which fights corruption and injustice and although Logan has helped her out on many occasions, she does not know he is Eyes Only.

Her close relationship with Logan after Max’s capture serves to provide tension between the two women even though Logan does not return her affections. Logan later helped Asha escape over the border to Canada to evade an arrest warrant.

Special Skills
She shows a deep desire to weed out corruption and has, in the past, gone to great lengths to do so. She has also learnt to handle a weapon though not with any great proficiency.

Although she's not the leader, Asha has access to a vast number of S1W resources.

  • It is implied that Asha is in love with Logan.
  • Asha has menial fighting skills.

The writers had originally intended for a storyline treatment that involved a romantic involvement between Asha and Alec, but scrapped it earlier on.
Asha doesn't appear in the later episodes of the second season because the actress who portrays her, Ashley Scott was unavailable.
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