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Ames White
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Pain is a phantom of the mind.

Agent Ames White is the primary adversary for Max in season two.

Agent Ames White
Portrayed by:     Martin Cummins
First Appearance:     Bag 'Em
Status:Alive; Familiar
Alias(es):Ames Sandeman
Home:Seattle, Washington
Occupation(s):Government Agent
Significant Other(s):Wendy Olsen-White (Wife, deceased)
Family:Ray White (son)
C.J. White (brother)

Character History
It is revealed that Ames is the eldest of Sandeman's two sons and that his belief is that his father betrayed the Breeding Cult by not only killing his youngest son but by leaving the Cult and creating Transgenics, presumably to fight in a war with them.

Ames sees Transgenics as less than human and despises them. He willingly takes on the task of hunting down and eliminating them, something which becomes easier upon the destruction of Manticore as they no longer have protection. Initially Ames covers the reports about Transgenics, keeping them out of the spotlight, which is actually part of a directive given to him by the government agency, however when the Breeding Cult decides to use the hatred for Transgenics to their advantage, Ames disobeys government orders and alerts the world to their presence, further fueling hatred.

Ames' is protective of his younger brother C.J. but keeps him locked in a controlled mental facility. On the one occasion that C.J. escapes, he shows an initial fear of Transgenics but, upon learning that Max was specifically created and chosen by his father, switches allegiances and helps out the Transgenic cause. This causes Ames to lock up his brother once more.

Ames White is married although his wife did not know of his true nature. Ames was responsible for the deaths of his first children with her and set up a 'kidnapping' of their son, Ray, but Wendy could not stop looking for her son, eventually going to Eyes Only for help. White is seen as weak for his inability to kill his wife, having fallen in love with her, but after she becomes too much of a liability, he regretfully kills her.

Max takes back Ray and sends him into hiding, causing Ames to become furious. Ray was subjected to and passed the venom test thereby making him a member of the Breeding Cult. He searches for his son but as of the last episode of the season, has not recovered him.

Ames is also responsible for the escalation of the Jam Pony siege and even called in the Phalanx (a specialized group of Breeding Cult warriors) to end the situation. He is last seen tied up to a post in Jam Pony after Max and Alec escape with the others to Terminal City.

Special Skills
As a member of the Breeding Cult, Ames has many of the abilities of a Transgenic without the threshold for pain. As shown in the initiation ceremony, potential members are subjected to a specific poison in order to prove how worthy they are and only those that survive become members. Through the use of selective breeding it has become possible to create the Familiars. Fight scenes between Transgenics and Familiars show them to be great adversaries matching Transgenics, leading to the belief that they are similarly trained.

Ames has, at his disposal, resources of the government and the Breeding Cult.

  • Ames and C.J. took the surname 'White' in order to distance themselves from their father.
  • White is the only one to not have his clothing stolen in the final scene at Jam Pony

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