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It was the best of you that ran away that night.

Lydecker was the commanding officer at Manticore and the despised parental figure to the X's. He was eventually ousted by Renfro.

Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker
Portrayed by:     John Savage
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Unknown; Human
Former CO of Manticore
Significant Other(s):Wife, deceased

Character History
Lydecker joined the military when he was young and had a distinguished career until the murder of his wife under mysterious circumstances. He then became an alcoholic. Lydecker, at some point, underwent treatment and rejoined the military where he stayed until he was approached by a group called 'The Committee' to lead a project, 'Project Manticore'.

He then became the commanding officer at Manticore's facility in Gillette, Wyoming, and oversaw the training of several generations of X's. He, at some point, had something to do with the creation of the soldiers as Max and Sam (X5-452, X5-453) were inspired by his late wife and contain some of her DNA. They remained especially dear to him because of the resemblance to her.

Lydecker was responsible for the training of the children and trained them harshly earning a hatred from them. Despite his training practices, Lydecker referred to the '09ers as his 'kids' insisting that he genuinely cared them. Evidence to this was when Lydecker discovered that the newly captured Tinga had been killed and experimented on. He then turned his back on Manticore and began working to bring them down.

Lydecker is somewhat responsible for the events in '09 as his accidental shooting of Eva on that night only encouraged Zack to push forward with the escape. Lydecker was in charge of the recapture operation for ten years but it is not known if he succeeded in actually capturing any during that period. The presumption is that he didn't because Zack maintained that there were twelve escapees in various parts of the country and lends further credence to his claim of affection for them.

He eventually tracks down a Transgenic in Seattle, although he does not know it to be Max, but does not catch her. Instead he brings in only three Transgenics: Zack, Tinga and Brin. Zack is allowed to escape again and Tinga and Brin are taken by Renfro. The former is subsequently killed and experimented on whilst the later is reindoctrinated and forced to take on missions for Renfro.

Special Skills
  • Due to his military service, Lydecker would have had combat training.
  • Lydecker has shown an understanding of genetics.

Lydecker had the full support of Manticore and even after his defection he shown an ability to obtain classified information and stay under the radar.


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