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I'll never... Tell... You... Anything.

Zack, X5-599, is the unit leader of Max's former unit and is responsible for leading the escape from Manticore in '09 in which he and eleven other Transgenics (his unit) escaped.

Portrayed by:           William Gregory Lee
          Chris Lazar (Child)
First Appearance:     411 on the DL (adult)
    Pilot (child)
Status:Alive; Transgenic/Cyborg
Alias(es):Adam Thompson
Michael Hanover
Occupation(s):Farm Hand
Former Bike Messenger
Former Soldier
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Zack was a unit leader back in Manticore and was witness to several members of his unit being taken away due to seizures. On the night of the escape, Max was discovered with seizures and Zack made the executive decision to escape, something they had only ever discussed. During the escape, Zack provided cover for his unit, distracting guards whilst they escaped and, after being initally tazered, managed to escape himself. Zack was arrested shortly after the escape but managed to escape custody, after which he went into hiding.

Not much is known about the next ten years except that he was the only one who managed to track down each of the other eleven escapees and provide them with a cover. He gave each of them a number where they could reach him if they were ever in trouble, the one exception being Max, and refused to tell any of them about the others whereabouts in case they were captured.

Zack has a soft spot for Max and kept an eye on her throughout the ten years and we first see him as an adult when he turns up as a bike messenger at Jam Pony under an alias, Sam. He briefly takes Max away from Seattle when Lydecker tracks Max down and begins posting posters throughout the city looking for her. Max, however, leaves when she learns that Logan has been hospitalised and Zack turns himself over to Lydecker to keep him off of Max's track.

Zack eventually escapes Manticore again and tracks down Max because she is the only one he can remember, however a microchip implanted under his barcode enables Lydecker to listen and track him and he eventually discovers the location of several other '09ers. Max and Zack are able to warn them and they go to ground but Tinga is unable to get away and they go to assist her, Zack and Tinga eventually fleeing to Canada. They go back to Portland after Tinga gets word that her family is in danger but Tinga is captured by a reindoctrinated Brin. Zack sets himself a mission of finding her location but when he does find her, he learns she is already dead.

Zack is part of the team that destroys the DNA lab at Manticore but when Max is shot in the heart during the mission, Zack turns himself in and insists that they use his heart to restore her life. Renfro does this, using his organs to replenish lost organs to several other Transgenics and begins an experiment which gives him artificial organs and creates a half Transgenic, half cyborg. After the destruction of Manticore, a group of Steelheads gains possession of him for their own devices until Alec and Max rescue him. He eventually regains his memory but the commands implanted by Manticore to kill Logan make him too much of a liability and Max is forced to wipe his memory and give him an alias. He is no longer aware that he is a Transgenic and is given sanctuary by a contact of Logan's. He is never spoken of again in the series.

Special Skills
Like all Transgenics, Zack has a standard set of abilities and traits that separate him from humans including:

  • Advanced healing and metabolism
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced/Telescopic vision
  • Immunity to most toxins, viruses, diseases, bacteria, and biowarfare
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased intelligence

Max has said that Zack was their unit leader so it was safe to presume that he had the most training out of all of the '09ers. He was also constantly on the move after the escape and was the only person able to successfully track down each of the other unit members showing a skill that even Lydecker didn't possess. It is also safe to assume that, given the large amount of traveling and covering for his siblings, that he picked up quite a number of skills as he would have had to assume a large number of identities.

  • Motorcycle

  • The barcode on the back of Zack's neck reads: 330417291599.

  • You can often see the wires when Max or Zack are running up the walls or flying around the room.
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