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"Don't you see, 452? You're poison; you destroy everyone that you love."

Director of Manticore, Renfro was Lydecker’s cruel and seemingly uncaring superior.

Director Elizabeth Renfro
Portrayed by:     Nana Visitor
First Appearance:     Pollo Loco
Status:Deceased; Human
Alias(es):Madame X
Occupation(s):Manticore Director
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Renfro first appeared in ‘Pollo Loco’ as the elusive Madame X but more of her character was revealed in season two after Max’s capture. She was not fooled by Max’s ‘reindoctrination’ and was responsible for pairing Max and Alec together as breeding partners.

She appeared harsh, cruel and seemed to revel in the misery of others, even showing Max that Zack had died to save her and that she’d allowed Manticore to experiment on him. She was also responsible for Max’s retrovirus. After the Eyes Only broadcast about the Wyoming facility, Renfro has the place burned down to hide the existence of the program. Max gets there in time to unlock the doors of the trapped Transgenics. Ultimately, she took a bullet for Max and with her dying breath, told Max that she was special and that she had to find Sandeman.

Special Skills
She has shown, on occasion, an ability to read things like scientific reports. Presumably she's been in the field long enough to have picked up a few things.

Renfro appears to have the full Manticore system at her disposal.


In the DVD commentary and various interviews with Nana Visitor indicated that Renfro was using Transgenic DNA to extend her lifespan and may have actually been much older than she appeared.
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