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Recurring Characters
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Manticore Agent Peter Richard Sandoval
Peter Sandoval, played by Fulvio Cecere, is an agent for Manticore for was responsible for many missions that the X'x were invovled in, most notably for his involvement in the Berrisford case when X5-494 was sent on his first solo mission. He oversaw all elements in that case from the instruction X5-494 received prior to departure and the eventually withdrawal of X5-494 and the attempted elimination on Robert Berrisford.

Played by Peter Bryant, Bling is the physical therapist/bodyguard to Logan after he is shot. He accompanies Logan on some of his more dangerous missions and acts as security for Logan’s penthouse. He understands the complex relationship between Max and Logan and often offers advice when Logan needs it. He is last seen in “I And I Am A Camera”.

Detective Matt Sung
Played by Byron Mann, Sung is one of the few police officers who is not corrupt in Seattle and shows a strong moral character. He knows about Max and Logan and has protected them on many occasions as well as offering his services to Logan to help weed out police corruption. He has a young son.

Herbal Thought
Herbal is played by actor, Alimi Ballard. He is a fellow bike messenger at Jam Pony and has a reputation for being the fastest bike messenger although he is constantly downplaying this so he doesn’t have to work harder. Staunch believer in doing what is right, he once returned a package to a wife after her husband’s mistress fails to receive it. Rastafarian at heart, Herbal’s speech is a mix of different dialects but his demeanour is that of a Jamaican-born man trying to make it in a fallen world.

Brin (played by Nicole Bilderback) was one of the twelve Transgenics who escaped in ’09. Nothing is heard of her until she is captured by men trying to sell her to people wanting Manticore soldiers. While in captivity she began aging at an alarming rate and she asked Max and Zack to return her to Manticore where she would be cured, knowing the consequences. Eventually reindoctrinated, Brin leads Renfro to Tinga. She is last seen handcuffed outside the DNA lab before the explosion where she has tried to stop Max from entering. It is not known if she survived.

Colonel James McGinnis
McGinnis, Robert Gossett, works for Manticore in varying capacities, such as working with Lydecker in bringing in the '09ers, but whose loyalty lies with Manticore. He has no problem, in later episodes, turning on Lydecker under the orders of Madame X even though he is punished for a failure by the loss of an eye. He is eventually shot by Lydecker during a gunfight.

Dr. Sam Carr
Sam Carr (Brian Markinson) is the doctor who treats both Logan and Max on several occasions and is aware that Max is a Transgenic. He has, on several occasions, protected Max and Logan’s identities at the risk of his career. He, at one stage, contained the most information on Max’s medical condition that anyone outside Manticore had access to. Carr is also responsible for helping Zack after the destruction on Manticore when Zack had lost his memory.

Played by Jade C. Bell. Sebastian is one of Logan’s sources. A quadriplegic, Sebastian has made it his mission to help the world in any way he can and he often finds out things that others can’t. Although he needs a voice synthesizer to speak, he assists Logan and Max though he does it from the shadows as a way to keep himself safe.

Dr. Beverly Shankar
Dr. Beverly Shankar, played by Rekha Sharma, is an informant for Eyes Only working within the Medical Examiners Office though she has done shifts at Harbor Lights Medical pro bono. Offering information to Logan, whom she doesn’t know is Eyes Only, she lets him know first of any possible Transgenic connections. She was also the one to help him out both times his virus was activated, the second time being the one to suggest that Transgenic blood could save his life. She appears sympathetic to the Transgenic cause and has looked out for Max in the past.

After the escape in ’09, Tinga (Lisa Ann Cabasa) assumed the name Penny and worked in a bakery in Portland. She eventually fell in love with and married a man named Charlie Smith and they had a son, Case. When Tinga’s cover was blown, Max and Zack helped her get out of Portland with Zack and Tinga heading to Canada.
After discovering that her husband was publicly searching for her, Tinga came back only to find that Lydecker had already closed in on their position and, along with Max’s help, she escaped with her family. Case became ill, developing a barcode with Lydecker’s number on it and Tinga exchanged herself in return for a cure.
Tinga was then taken by Renfro and experimented on so that they could discover how she had passed the ‘X’ gene onto her son. Max and Zack uncovered her location, with Lydecker tracking them, and all three reached her only to discover that she was already dead. Her death was the reason that Lydecker turned his back on Manticore and stopped hunting his ‘kids’.

Kendra Maibaum
Long time roommate of Max’s, Kendra (played by Jennifer Blanc) is a lover of coffee and a great friend, helping not only Max but those living in neighbouring apartments. She has had a few odd jobs including a bartender and teaching Japanese to the children. She eventually moves out of the apartment to move in with a police officer, Walter.

Otto Gottlieb
Otto, Craig Veroni, is the FBI agent assigned to be Ames White's partner. He is unaware of White's true nature and is led to believe that Transgenics are dangerous by White however as the series finale approaches, Otto seems to believe that less and less and start to question White's motives.
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