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Heat - 1x02
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Heat - Synopsis

For the past few days Max has been suffering from a peculiar side effect of her hopped up DNA. Seems the scientists at Manticore added a dash of feline genetic material to her personal ****tail, and while it makes her musculature that much more efficient, it also puts her in heat two or three times a year. Max has been preoccupied the last 48 hours, desperately trying not to give in to her raging hormones.

Max takes care of some bad guys for Logan, in exchange for his promise to further develop the information he has on Zack. However, once that's taken care of, she heads to Crash and takes home a young man named ERIC, with the intention of finally giving in to her baser impulses. Max is more than a little relieved when Eric passes out in a drunken stupor before anything can happen, thus saving her from herself.

The next day, Logan pages Max and gives her the information she's been waiting for - he's located HANNAH, the woman who picked Max up on the road the night she escaped from Manticore. Hannah lives just outside the city on Sedro Island. Logan warns Max that this could be a trap, and that Lydecker could be waiting for her, but she ignores him. If Hannah's in trouble, then Max is the one who put her there, and it's up to Max to get her back out.

Max is getting the bike ready for a road trip when Eric shows up unexpectedly. She's all set to give him the brush off, when he tells her that his uncle is a big guy in the sector police. Since this trip to Hannah's will involve passing through checkpoints, Max decides to take Eric along with her.

Unfortunately, at the checkpoint Eric confesses that his uncle is not nearly as important as he had implied (he's a janitor), and Max has to crash her way through. She leaves the hapless Eric on the dock to watch her stuff while she swims to Sedro Island.

Max finds Hannah's house, and Hannah welcomes her in. She calls work to tell them that she'll be late, and she and Max talk briefly. Meanwhile, Logan pages Max and is surprised when Eric returns the call. Eric tells Logan that Max is on Sedro Island.

Max tells Hannah that she knows the phone call she made before was really to let Lydecker know that Max was there, and that he must be on his way. Hannah cries and asks for Max's forgiveness. Lydecker had threatened to kill her if she didn't cooperate. Max assures Hannah that he'll kill her even though she did cooperate, which is why they have to get out of the house right away.

Max and Hannah run for their lives while Logan hacks into Lydecker's radio transmissions. The island is now surrounded and crawling with soldiers.

Max and Hannah come to a dam. There seems to be no way across, except by bridge, but the soldiers are converging on it from both directions. Max and Hannah hide, sure that they will be spotted at any second. Suddenly, a call comes through the soldier's radios that another team has already captured the prisoners. The soldiers on the bridge disperse. Max spots an old power cable. She grabs Hannah and they ride the cable across the dam to temporary safety.

Meanwhile, Lydecker is waiting for his prisoners to be delivered, but when his men arrive they tell him that someone's been jamming their transmissions. We find that it was Logan, giving Lydecker's men false information to steer them away from Max and Hannah. The women get to the shore and find a boat, but Max can't get it started. All seems lost, until a speedboat coasts up to them, with Eric at the helm. The three take off, just seconds ahead of the bad guys.

Later, Eric says goodbye to Max ("We are two very different people"), and Max reluctantly says goodbye to Hannah. But before they part, Hannah gives Max some information about her birth mother...

Heat - Transcript

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