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Flushed - 1x03
« on: June 15, 2010, 13:57:30 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Flushed - Synopsis

Max is having a particularly bad time with her seizures. Needing extra Tryptophan to calm them, and not having any money to pay her supplier, Max "borrows" the cash that Kendra had collected from the other squatters in the building to pay off Walter Eastep, the cop. Max steals a gangster's ride and tries to sell it to replace the cash, but the fence can't pay her till the next morning. Max leaves empty-handed.

When Max gets home, Kendra and Original Cindy are waiting for her. She's been acting odd lately - sick, forgetful, short-tempered - so they searched her things and found the pills. Assuming that the Tryptophan is a drug of some kind, they've tossed them down the drain and now want Max to get some help. Max freaks. Goes to her regular supplier for more, but she's out. Desperate, Max tries to steal more pills from the local hospital, but in her weakened condition she can't fight off the security guards when they discover her riffling the pharmacy. Max is arrested.

Eastep arrives the next morning for his payoff, and when Kendra still doesn't have the cash, he has everyone thrown out in the street. Meanwhile, Max is getting booked. She meets BREAK, a militant clothing storeowner. Break has been through the system before, and he takes pity on the sickly Max, whose seizures are getting worse without the Tryptophan.

Logan arrives at Jam Pony, looking for Max. Original Cindy gives him a piece of her mind, and accuses him of getting her girl hooked up on drugs. Logan figures out what's happened, and tells Original Cindy that without the Tryptophan Max will die. Original Cindy is devastated that she's unwittingly put her friend in mortal danger.

With Break's help, Max attempts an escape, but she's captured before she can get over the fence. The WARDEN arrives. Instructs the guards to bring her up to his house.

Logan's contact on the police force, DETECTIVE MATT SUNG gets Logan some more Tryptophan, and "arrests" Original Cindy so she can get into the prison and bring it to Max. Once there, Original Cindy meets Break, who tells her that Max has been taken up to the Warden's house. He uses his connections with a guard to get Original Cindy assigned to work detail at the house.

Meanwhile, Vogelsang gets a call from a friend of his at the prison, telling him that a girl with a barcode on her neck has been brought in. He tips off Lydecker, who promptly mobilizes the troops and heads out.

Max wakes up at the Warden's house and meets MARIA, the maid. She's sweet, very young, and seems happy that Max will be staying with them. Max, in her delirium, dreams that Maria is really LUCY, her former foster sister who was abused by their foster dad when Max was a child. Max still feels guilty that when she escaped the foster home she didn't take Lucy with her. It's clear that the Warden has been sexually abusing Maria, but Max is too weak to stop him. The Warden has plans for Max too, just as soon as she's feeling a little better.

Original Cindy infiltrates the house, and Maria tells her where Max is being kept. Lydecker has arrived at the prison and is searching the population, but the Warden is smart enough to know he'll be searching the house next. He goes to get Max to turn her over, but Original Cindy has given her the Tryptophan and Max now handily overpowers him. Original Cindy grabs hold of the Warden's gun, and they force him to take them to his car. Max, not willing to make the same mistake she did when she was young, insists that they bring Maria with them. The Warden drives off the grounds while Original Cindy holds his own gun on him, and Max and Maria hide in the trunk.

The Warden pulls a fast one and knocks Original Cindy unconscious. He's about to shoot Max and Maria through the trunk lid when Max bursts it open. Just then, a jeep full of prison guards arrives. Max takes them out and jumps behind the wheel of the Jeep. The Warden has trained his gun on Max, but she slams the Jeep into his car, which knocks into him and sends him off a ravine.

Lydecker attempts to retrieve Max's prison records, but Logan has hacked into the system and deleted them. Logan also finds a home for Maria, and sends a personal "Eyes Only" video to Walter warning him to quit shaking down the squatters...

Flushed - Transcript

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