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...and Jesus Brought a Casserole - 1x21
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

...and Jesus Brought a Casserole - Synopsis

The season finale picks up with Max clinging to the lifeless body of Tinga as Lydecker and his men move in, guns trained. Max takes a flying leap at Lydecker. Five soldiers fire their tasers, all striking Max midair. As she convulses, a Specials Ops Officer orders Lydecker and his men to vacate this secure area.

Madame X is alerted and demands that Max be taken into custody and that Colonel Lydecker be placed under arrest. Too late. Lydecker and two of his men are gone, along with Max.

In a briefing with Brin, Madame X blames Lydecker for Tinga's death. Brin's orders: Bring Lydecker in dead or alive and return Max to Manticore.

Back at Logan's apartment, Zack nurses a wound to his leg while both men try to make sense of what happened. They agree on one thing - they need to rescue Max from Lydecker. Zack already called two other X5's, Syl and Krit. They're on their way.

Lydecker buys out all the rooms at a cheap hotel and chains Max to a bed. He calls Madame X, who makes it clear that he is out of options. They're tracking Max via her implant and it's only a matter of time. Lydecker returns to Max's bedside and takes his first drink in years. Under the influence, he shares his Manticore vision with Max - the X5s were created to save lives. With Madame X at the helm, that dream is dead. He won't let them take her back there - he puts a gun to her head, promising to be right behind her. Cuffed or not, Max kicks Lydecker away. He warns that soldiers are tracking them and pretty soon they'll bust down the door, blow his head off and drag her back to Manticore for reprogramming. Max isn't into waiting around to find out if he's telling the truth. She and Lydecker make a run for it seconds before Brin's convoy pulls up.

Zack and Logan meet Syl and Krit at a warehouse where they make plans. Logan gets word that a military convoy just swooped in on some motel in Sector 8. It's time to move out. Just then, a Hummer bursts in. It's Max. and Lydecker. With Lydecker's help, Max explains that they're going to take down Manticore. There are more than a few skeptics in the room, but Lydecker reminds them that he knows the facility and its defensive capabilities like the back of his hand. The mission: Destroy the DNA Lab - without the ability to develop new soldiers, Manticore will die.

At the same time, the tracking van gets a hit on Max. She's close - so close that she knocks on the door and commandeers the vehicle.

Max then accompanies Lydecker to meet with a friend about gaining entry into Manticore. Outside a strip club, Lydecker knocks his old friend McGinnis out. With a spoon, he scoops something off him, and places it in a plastic baggy.

Lydecker, Logan and the X5s set up the tracking van outside Manticore. Logan loops fake footage into the surveillance system. He'll be able to view the real feed, but the guards won't see anything but the fake loop. As the X5s head out, Lydecker hands Zack the baggie - McGinnis' eyeball is their ticket into the DNA lab.

Max and Zack arrive at the DNA lab. Working fast, they set the charges and get out. But Madame X is onto them when word comes down that McGinnis just entered the DNA Lab. Not so - he's sitting right in front of her - sans one eyeball.

Playing catch-up, Madame X realizes that the DNA Lab is rigged with explosives and sends Brin to deactivate the charges before it's too late. Max surprises Brin in the hallway and cuffs her to a bar. When Max and Zack are clear, Lydecker detonates. Decades of Manticore research goes up in flames.

Max and Zack head into the woods where they're caught in a hail of gunfire. It's a platoon of X7s. Max freezes when she's confronted by a younger version of herself. Without thinking twice, Young Max fires at Max point blank. Max blurs sideways and the two "'sisters" battle. Max overpowers the younger version of herself and with Zack, races back to the tracking van where Krit and Syl are waiting - they did it! They took down Manticore!

The group celebrates at Crash. Max and Logan don't stay too long though. Back at Logan's, they make love for the first time. But the candlelight is quickly blown out of this romantic scene when Logan takes his hand off Max only to see that it's covered in blood. Wait - this isn't really happening.

Back at the command vehicle, Logan knows something is wrong. With the aid of the exoskeleton, he races to her and cradles her in his arms as she dies. Lydecker orders Logan back to the truck. Max is gone. Logan won't leave. He wants to take her into Manticore. No deal. Lydecker knocks him out and carries him back to the truck.

Moments later, a Manticore trauma unit rushes Max inside with no pulse. They jolt her limp body with a surge of electricity. Nothing. Another jolt. Nothing. Max is gone.

...And Jesus Brought A Casserole - Transcript

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