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Bag 'Em - 2x02
« on: June 15, 2010, 14:23:25 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Bag 'Em - Synopsis

Original Cindy is woken by Max. She's glad to find her friend alive, but figures out that Logan is really Eyes Only. Max asks Cindy to keep her mouth shut. Meanwhile, a group of X-series soldiers follow a signal above to regroup on a bridge and meet up with Manticore command. Agent White is waiting there, and his armed guards kill them.

A transhuman in military wear is pursued by X-7 clones through the woods near Manticore. The creature has the bar code on its neck, but it has a second eyelid and its skin retains water. It was probably a desert soldier created to shield against sand. The clones capture the creature and bring it to Agent White. The transhuman attacks White, but it is restrained. White orders the hunting down of all Manticore escapees. Alec, meanwhile, hides out in a motel and spots a group of X-series soldiers fleeing. He narrowly escapes the police and runs into the nearby woods, finding a trail of snack food bags that lead him to hiding X-6s and X-8s in a barn. There is a lone X-7 among them who stands silent. Alec explains to them that Manticore was not attacked, and that the signal they are following is bogus. Manticore really wants them dead. Not believing him, the X-series soldiers set off to the signal's beckoning. The X-7 remains.

Max returns to Jam Pony, showing her heart transplant scar to Normal as proof of her "medical emergency" leave. Logan pages, informing her that the resistance group S1W is being framed for the fires at Manticore. Although Max doesn't understand the group's significance, Logan is upset and wants to protect the integrity of the S1W. Logan shows Max the Manticore signal beamed in the sky, and she explains its purpose, knowing she has to protect her siblings. When the X-6s and X-8 arrive at the bridge, Max rams her motorcycle into the guards to allow the X-series to escape. One gets clipped in the leg, so she picks him up and brings him back to the barn, where Alec is hiding. Max cauterizes the boy's wound to save him. She then organizes the X-6 and X-8 group, assigning them all names. She orders one to fix an old truck in the barn. Later that night, the X-7 sends a telepathic transmission to his brothers, providing White with a photo and map to get to Max.

Agent White is given Madame X's briefcase found in the fire. In it is a DNA work-up of Max. He orders his men to capture her. Lydecker arrives at the bridge, and breaks into White's tent to steal back Max's DNA chart. White finds the briefcase empty and Lydecker gone. Lydecker calls Logan to warn him that Max needs to get out of the woods near Manticore. Quickly.

Suddenly, armed guards and other X-7s ambush the barn with gas. Max realizes that the one X-7 in her care is a traitor. The X-6s and the X-8 escape in the old truck, but the guards capture Max and bring her back to White's base camp. She meets the transhuman in the cage next to hers. White informs Max that she has no junk DNA, which means that all of her DNA is encoded for specific purposes. However, he does not know what those purposes are. He does intend to find out.

In the truck, the X-6s and X-8 resolve to go back and find Max. Alec secretly follows them to White's base camp. They take down the guards one by one. Alec frees Max and the transhuman from their cages. She and Alec change the signal to warn the X-series to scatter, then destroy the transponder. As they are about to be attacked by White, the transhuman saves their lives and Max and Alec escape. White shoots the creature dead.

The next day, Logan gives Max fake IDs and passports for the X-series troop to cross the border to Canada. Max tells them to stay together because they are family. Before they leave, they all pay respect to their siblings who perished.

Bag 'Em - Transcript

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