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Radar Love - 2x04
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Radar Love - Synopsis

Joshua wakes in Sandeman's house. It is now his place. He traces a scent along the streets, ending up at Max's door. Original Cindy is thrown off, but settles herself when Max introduces him as a friend. Meanwhile, in Chinatown, a grossly disfigured man in an overcoat and fedora moves through the street market. A young Chinese man stumbles. Blood trickles from his eyes and nose. Cyril Elroy approaches him to help, shouting to the assembled crowd for an ambulance. The Overcoat Man scurries from the commotion to hide in an alley and tape up his bleeding hand. There is a barcode on his neck.

At Logan's apartment, he updates Max about the dead-end leads on Sandeman. Asha lets herself in and, without seeing Max, begins to recount her day and discuss Manticore. She calls the escapees "Max and her furry little friends." Max shows herself, and Asha is embarrassed. Max takes off on her bike, fuming over Asha, when a car backs into her path and she goes flying over her handlebars. The driver bolts out the door and approaches her. It's Rafer (last seen in "Meow"). As he begins to check underneath her clothes, Max flips him over to warn him about trying to cop a feel. He claims he is really a paramedic. Max arrives at work with what's left of her bike and Normal gives her a hard time. Rafer shows up - in a paramedic uniform. She softens when he returns the pager she lost in the spill. He also brings her a bag lunch. Rafer apologizes for that night they spent together, and Max starts to rearrange her thinking about this guy. As she explains to Rafer the difficulties of her relationship with Logan, Logan is doing the same to Asha over lunch in his apartment. Both couples get increasingly close over conversation, and Rafer and Asha both sense the respective awkwardness.

Detective Matt Sung is examining the Manticore walking stick, when he sees a sketch of the Overcoat Man from an eyewitness' account. The police are worried that the dead guy had been exposed to something from the Overcoat Man. At a rundown tenement in Chinatown, the Overcoat Man rents a room from Henry, a young boy. Nearby at the bus station, Original Cindy and Sketchy make deliveries when several Chinese people collapse with blood spilling from their noses and eyes. Cindy and Sketchy book out on their bikes.

Detective Sung tells Logan that the victims were all Chinese, and they had been subjected to an unknown pathogen. He thinks the carrier is one of the deformed Manticore escapees hiding out in Chinatown. Logan poses that theory to Max, but she shoots him down. Although she's pissed at him, she agrees to help Asha, who's been arrested for not having ID. Max breaks into the sector police interrogation room to save her. Arriving at Crash, Max encourages Asha to go in. She's not sure how things are going to play out for her and Logan, so Max takes off. Yet while Logan waits at Crash, he meets Rafer and they talk about Max. When Rafer realizes that Logan is the one Max spoke longingly of, Rafer offers to split. But Logan is also unsure about his situation with Max, and he leaves the bar instead.

Henry climbs up the fire escape to spy on the Overcoat Man. His father calls for the police. When Henry begins to fall, the Overcoat Man saves him. Seeing the boy in the grips of the deformed creature, Detective Sung shoots the Overcoat Man dead. At the morgue, an autopsy reveals that his body did not contain the pathogen, which is genetically engineered. Max is upset when she sees the Overcoat Man's barcode, and worries for Joshua. After examining the evidence, Logan surmises that someone is running some kind of field test and using the Chinese people as guinea pigs. Later, Logan meets Asha at Crash, while Max meets Rafer there as well. Although they don't see each other at first, Max and Logan make eye contact and briefly feel jealous. They realize they're both in the same boat and smile sadly, going back to their respective companion's conversations.

Cyril, the Good Samaritan from Chinatown, is really the perpetrator of the evil pathogen targeted on the Chinese race. It was only a test for a real project, patronized by Agent White. White hands him an X-5 as a test subject so that Cyril can spread the disease to kill all the transgenics. Cyril lets the X-5 loose in Sector 4 and disperses the pathogen in the air, hoping to retrieve that X-5's body later. Logan gives Detective Sung a lead on an address of someone who recently bought launchers for the pathogen, and they find Cyril's workshop empty. Logan discovers that an X-5 is the target, and Max sets out to save him. She follows the kid off a building, and they fall into a holding pool. He struggles, but she shows him her barcode and motions him to stay underwater. With their time up, they come to the surface for air and see Cyril. He points his gun at her, but he is killed by Sung before he can shoot her.

Max brings the X-5 to Joshua's place to hide out, and Logan tells her that he convinced Sung to give him all the evidence from Cyril's workshop. He also says that nothing turned up on Sandeman's cane. They apologize to each other for the night at Crash. At the same time, their beeper and cell phones ring. It is Asha for Logan, and Rafer for Max. They ignore the rings, but are unsure what to do next.

Radar Love - Transcript

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