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Two - 2x06
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Two - Synopsis

Max breaks into an art museum to steal Sammy Sosa's home run baseball, but Alec is right behind her, pulling the same job. After a quarrel, they fumble the ball and leave empty-handed. Max gets to a checkpoint, and the guard at the gate, Pearson, lets her through. Pearson's attention is diverted by a figure digging in a trashcan. He approaches the unseen creature, and it growls back in warning. The creature attacks Pearson, and he screams in horror.

Max brings Joshua food. She wakes him, but he lunges at her. He shows her his wound from his "trying to steal food from a dog." She warns him not to go outside, and she heads for work. Much to her chagrin, Alec shows up at Jam Pony, looking for work. Normal recognizes him as "Monty Cora" from the boxing fights, and sets Alec up with a job, a bike and a sector pass. Later that night at Crash, Alec pays Sketchy to make a delivery for him in Sector Four. Sketchy tells the torrid tale about Pearson getting jumped by a dog-faced mutant, and Max fears the worst. She goes to Joshua's place, but he's not there. Meanwhile, a young sector cop patrolling the streets is attacked. The creature who rips out the guy's tongue looks exactly like Joshua.

The next morning, Logan tells Max about the cops being jumped by a half-man, half-animal. Max admits that she couldn't find Joshua, and Logan starts to make a connection. In Sector Four, Sketchy tries to deliver Alec's package and gets his butt kicked by Bird and Eddy, two steelheads who are into implants and biotech. When Sketchy returns to Jam Pony battered and bruised, Alec fesses up that he is dealing Androstamine, a synthetic hormone for bodybuilders. Sketchy says that the steelheads warned him not to sell on their turf.

Logan sneaks into the hospital and questions the ailing Pearson. The man picks out Joshua's face and a barcode as the creature who attacked him. Still with no sign of Joshua, Max notices drops of blood on a manhole cover outside his house. She goes down into the sewer, and Logan calls her on a cell phone to tell her that Pearson ID'd Joshua. Max tells Logan that Joshua doesn't have a barcode. She sees Joshua in the distance, but he growls at her. She realizes it's not really him, when the real Joshua pops up behind her, yelling, "Run, Isaac! Run!" Suddenly the police appear, spraying bullets. They stun gun Joshua and take him away. Isaac escapes.

Alec confronts the steelheads that took his package, and beats them up. He and Logan then go into the underground tunnels to look for Isaac, where they see tongues hanging on a clothes wire. Isaac leaps out from the darkness and jumps on Logan. Alec manages to get the creature off, but Isaac crawls out a trapdoor, locking the two guys inside his lair. Max meanwhile, rescues Joshua from the jailhouse. He explains that Isaac is angry at the Manticore guards because when he was younger, they cut off his tongue. Now he lashes out at any kind of man in uniform. Max pledges to find Isaac at any cost, but Joshua blames her for releasing all of them from Manticore. Again she warns Joshua to stay put, but he knocks her down and rushes out to find his brother. When Max enters the tunnels looking for Joshua, Isaac attacks her. Joshua sees him about to kill Max. He stabs his own brother to save her.

Later at Crash, Logan gives Max money from Alec to cover the doctor. Maybe he's not so bad after all. Alec makes a move on Lux, a girl with razor-wire hair and tiny diamonds embedded in the skin around her eyes. She tells him that she is friends with Bird and Eddy, the steelheads he jumped in Sector Four. She looks at Alec's barcode and whispers in his ear, "We know what you are." Alec is slightly alarmed as she walks away. In Joshua's backyard, he puts together a make-shift monument at a grave for Isaac. Max comes to him, even though he tries to push her away. Joshua succumbs to the reality of what's happened - he failed to save Isaac when Father told him to protect his brother. Max comforts Joshua as he mourns for Isaac.

Two - Transcript

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