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Gill Girl - 2x08
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Gill Girl - Synopsis

A fishing boat in the harbor pulls up what they think is a dead body. It is a girl, very much alive, breathing through gills on her chest. Agent White is alerted to the find.

Logan is saddled with his niece, Brittany, a precocious six-year old who won't behave. Max reads the little girl a story about a mermaid. When Logan's cousin comes for the girl, Brittany kisses Max and Logan goodbye. Logan suddenly becomes ill, and Max believes that he may have been infected with her own DNA from Brittany's lips. She calls Asha, and they rush him to the hospital. As Dr. Carr tends to Logan, Max and Asha helplessly wait outside. Max is praying for his recovery in the hospital chapel when Asha informs her that Logan is merely suffering from chicken pox and will be fine. Max has a feeling that a miracle was somehow granted.

In order to avoid a last minute Jam Pony run, Alec invites Normal to join him and Sketchy to Mako's Tavern, a strip club in Sector Nine. At Mako's, the girl with the gills is swimming in a fish tank over the bar, and Alec notices the barcode on her neck. He takes Max to see her, but girls aren't allowed in Mako's unless they are working. She goes to the back entrance and, after pulling off her sweater to reveal a tank top, is invited in by the doorman to be a stripper. At the tank, Max hears the Gill Girl's dolphin-like calls. Max responds with a series of Manticore hand signals: Hang on. We're going to get you out. Be ready. To her relief, Gill Girl seems to understand. Max approaches Alec and he pulls her into his lap, pretending she's one of the dancers for cover. He has spotted a suspicious guy making a move on the fish tank. Believing it to be one of White's goons, Max jumps in his way, claiming he has crossed the line with her. Alec tosses him into the alley, ripping part of the guy's clothes. Underneath, the guy is wearing a wet suit with tubes filled with water. The guy has gills, and can't breathe without the water. Max realizes he isn't aligned with White after all. Suddenly, gunshots emanate from Mako's. Max runs inside amid the melee. The Gill Girl is gone from the tank.

White holds the Gill Girl in a dry crate at a power plant. She is barely alive. White's lackey, Otto, suggests that the Girl was probably designed by Manticore for amphibious sabotage. Meanwhile, Max and Alec bring the Gill Guy to Logan's and place him in a running shower. Max feels bad that she jammed up the Gill Guy's escape mission, which put the Gill Girl into White's hands. Through police scanners, Logan has tracked the van carrying the Gill Girl to Sector Twelve. He believes that White may have set up his operation there. After Asha mends his wet suit to help him breathe, the Gill Guy goes to leave. Max is convinced he knows where White is hiding the Gill Girl. Instead, the Gill Guy directs Max and Alec to a remote shoreline where he tends to some eggs in a tidal pool. Max realizes that those are the Gill Girl's eggs, and she assures the Gill Guy that they will rescue his mate. Logan phones - he has found White's place.

He sends Max, Alec and the Gill Guy to an old steam-generating plant where White has taken up shop. The Gill Guy swims into an underwater drainpipe while Max and Alec penetrate the building from its roof. They meet inside, and the Gill Guy returns his mate's dolphin calls. From his command post, White sees on the security monitor that Max and Alec are inside. They, meanwhile, fend off the guards to get to Gill Girl's crate. White's men fire from a catwalk above the plant, and Alec is hit in the arm. He covers Max as she rams a forklift into a boiler. Steam is released upwards, forcing White's men back. The Gill couple escapes into the water of a cooling pool, and Max and Alec burst out the side door.

Asha and Logan meet them at the shoreline. The Gill Girl and Guy tend to their babies and wave a nod of gratitude to Max. They swim off into the water, together.

Gill Girl - Transcript

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