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The Berrisford Agenda - 2x11
« on: June 15, 2010, 14:30:40 PM »
Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

The Berrisford Agenda - Synopsis

While tagging along with Max on a delivery to Sector Ten, Alec has a flashback from a Manticore mission that involved the house they are at. When no one responds to the door of the mansion, he urges Max to drop the package and leave. A security camera watches them go.

Joshua arranges a dinner party for Max and the gang. When Max teases Alec, he gets upset - an emotion out of the ordinary for Alec. He wanders down in Joshua's basement and begins to play the piano. He holds a locket on a necklace. Alec has another flashback from Manticore, where he has been trained to play piano for a mission. He takes over the identity of a music teacher for Rachel, the daughter of Robert Berrisford. Yet Alec fell in love with her. Suddenly, Joshua startles Alec, and Alec turns to hit him. Joshua calms Alec down and hands him the locket that fell on the floor. Alec leaves the dinner party. When he returns home, Alec's cell phone rings. Although there is no one on the other line, a piano plays the song that Alec had once taught Rachel. He goes back to the mansion, watching the windows from the cover of some bushes. Alec has another flashback of he and Rachel sneaking away to share a kiss. It is his first kiss. Alec snaps back to reality when he sees a woman's shadow walk by the window of the house. He is stunned, believing it to be Rachel. Alec goes back to his place and has another flashback. He had stolen computer files from Robert Berrisford's computer. When Rachel interrupts Alec to tell him that she loves him, Alec is torn between his job and complicated feelings for her.

The next day, Normal yells at Max for not getting a signature on the delivery to the mansion at Sector Ten. She goes back to the house, and notices that the locket that Alec was holding is depicted on a portrait in the foyer. Max visits with Joshua, who is working on his latest painting. She warns Joshua not to let Alec take advantage of him. Joshua understands that Alec doesn't even know himself. Joshua points to a dark section of his painting. He explains that it symbolizes Alec's confusion over Manticore.

Max finds Alec drowning his sorrows at Crash. She is surprised when he opens up emotionally to reveal that things at Manticore got worse after she left. She offers to help him, but he tells her to stay out of his business. Alec is leaving Crash, when two men accost him. Max helps him fight them off. "Stay the hell away from me," Alec says to her unappreciatively. He later gets another phone call with the piano music.

Max has Logan pull up information on the signature's name from the mansion delivery. Manticore had once made an attempt on Robert Berrisford's life because he was in the gene-splicing and stem cell research business. He lived. Logan believes that Berrisford is now seeking revenge on Alec, who Manticore sent to do the job. Yet Alec would probably complete his mission to kill Berrisford first. Max goes out to prevent Alec from doing so.

Alec goes back to the mansion, and has more flashbacks. Berrisford ended Alec's teaching services because he sent Rachel away. Alec has another flashback of his Manticore orders, where he was told to eliminate both Berrisford and his daughter. Alec planted his bomb on Berrisford's car, but had second thoughts. He tried to warn Rachel. He admitted that he was sent to kill them, and Rachel ran off crying. Alec saw the car blow up and feared the worst, before Manticore lackeys took him away. Snapping back to reality, Alec goes to the mansion. He breaks in and fends off the security guards there. He sees a dark-haired woman, but it is not Rachel. Berrisford has lured Alec back to the house to enact revenge. He reveals that his daughter saved his life by warning him about the bomb. Unfortunately, she was knocked unconscious by the explosion, but Rachel never woke from her coma. Berrisford holds Alec at gunpoint, and emotionally tortured, Alec asks Berrisford to kill him. Suddenly, Max enters the mansion and knocks out Berrisford. Alec cries over the coma-stricken Rachel. Max realizes that he truly loved this girl.

A few days later, Max visits Logan. She has been covering for Alec, who has called in sick to work. Logan shows her a news report of Rachel's death, and tells Max to be there for Alec. Max knows that Alec wants to be left alone. At Rachel's grave, Alec finds Berrisford. The man tells Alec never to return to the cemetery. He admits that, although he wanted to kill Alec, he couldn't do so because it was not the right thing to do. Alec walks away, hoping if he just keeps moving, he can leave it all behind.

Max sees Alec at Jam Pony, and offers to be available for him to talk. Alec considers this, but declines. She asks if he is alright. "I'm always alright," he says with a smile. As he walks away from her, Max smiles a sad smile.

The Berrisford Agenda - Transcript

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