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Borrowed Time - 2x12
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Borrowed Time - Synopsis

At Crash, Logan accepts Alec's challenge to a game of pool, and ends up beating him. Max hands Logan a congratulatory beer, but forgets about the deadly virus. Logan appears to be fine, but Max is upset that this virus is still coming between them.

Meanwhile, Gossamer, a Manticore creature with a long tail, spews mucus on Gordie, the owner of a junkyard, and drags the man away. Gordie is still alive, but trapped in a thick webbing attached to a car in the junkyard. Nearby, the Green family prepares for dinner. Suddenly, something smashes their kitchen window, and mucus is sprayed on Irving, the father. Gossamer's clawed and scaly hands reach in and yank Irving Green out the window.

The next day, Max tries in vain to figure out the equations on the virus papers that Joshua painted over. She thinks that a squiggle is really an approximation sign, which will provide a useful formula. Joshua shows her that the squiggle is only paint, but she believes that she may have still come up with the answer. She brings her findings to Delbert, a scientist who disproves her numbers. Yet Delbert has hopes that her theory may work. He asks for twenty grand to find a cure. In order to get the money, Max lures Alec to help her steal some film footage from "Star Wars Episode Seven." Alec realizes that he was used to help Max get together with Logan.

Max pays Delbert his money and gets injected with an antibody. Yet Delbert isn't fully successful. Although the virus is stopped for the time being, it will return in twelve hours. She rushes over to Logan's place and explains the situation to him. He agrees that they not let this chance pass them by. They reluctantly embrace and Logan has no side effects. But Max doesn't want to spoil their brief time with a "quickie." They decide to have a romantic dinner first.

At Crash, Alec fills Asha in on the news that Max is cured of the virus. Asha is jealous of what she can't have, and after getting drunk, admits her feelings about Logan to Alec. Alec makes fun of Max and Logan's unrequited love, and Asha chides him for not being romantic. Alec explains that he merely goes after what he wants, and what he wants is Asha. He asks her to come home with him, and she agrees.

Joshua picks up a scent outside his house and follows it into the sewer. He recognizes Gossamer's smell and is lead to the street. Hal, a guy on the sidewalk with a bakery box, sidetracks Joshua, but Gossamer appears and spits on Hal. Gossamer swats Joshua with its tail, and he falls. When Joshua gets up, both Hal and Gossamer are gone. Joshua goes to Logan's apartment, interrupting just as Max and Logan are about to finally pledge their love to each other. Joshua pleads with Max to stop the creature. She agrees to help, but hopes to finish the job quickly in order to get back to Logan. Her time to get close to him is slowly ticking away.

Returning to Alec's apartment, Asha drunkenly falls asleep and ruins Alec's big night. He gently tucks her in on his couch. Max arrives and, surprised to find Asha there, gets Alec to help her with Gossamer. He explains that there is more than one Gossamer, and they were used by Manticore to track down things by scent. The Gossamer sprays goo from its mouth to disable its victims. Max gets a call from Logan, who has found out that Irving Green was grabbed in a manner that points to Gossamer. Both Green and Hal had both recently been to the same dentist. Logan and Max surmise that perhaps the Gossamer is hunting for something at the dentist's office.

Logan leaves Joshua at his apartment with full use of his refrigerator. Logan then breaks into the dentist's office and finds some dental records. He tries to call Alec's cell, but gets voice mail instead. Suddenly, Logan is startled by a crashing window. Max and Alec, meanwhile, tread into the sewers and find traces of the goo. They climb up at the spot, finding themselves in the junkyard. They split up to look for Gossamer, and Alec gets sprayed with the mucus. Max, still holding Alec's cell phone, sees that there's a message, and she quickly dials Logan. She hears a ringing cell phone in the junkyard, and finds Logan trapped inside a junked car. He is wrapped in fibrous strands from Gossamer and he is passed out. Gossamer appears and sprays Max. She too gets trapped in the webbing inside the car with Logan and Alec. They hear Gordie and Hal call out from another car. They too are wrapped in Gossamer's web. Logan explains that the dentist was using Kevelar, a material used in weapon casing and armor plating, for teeth fillings. Logan had touched some in the office. Max is hopeful that Joshua will come for them, but Logan reminds her that they told Joshua to stay put. Sitting in the car, helpless, Max complains that she couldn't even have her one night with Logan.

Joshua notices that the gang is missing, and he follows Logan's scent to the dentist's office. Then he picks up Max and Alec's scent to the sewer. He arrives at the junkyard and pulls out Max. As he works on Alec, Max tries to free Logan. She gets hold of the Kevelar bars he's been holding. Suddenly, Gossamer appears and sprays Joshua to trap him in the car. Without time to free Logan, Max jumps out of the car to face off against Gossamer. She ducks most of his spray and fights him off. Then Max entices Gossamer with the Kevelar bars and traps him inside another car. Max lifts the car off the ground with a crane and leaves it dangling in the air. She frees all the men, depressed by how much time has passed. Alec shuffles everyone away to give her and Logan their time alone. Gordie figures out that Gossamer was drawn to the junkyard because of all the Kevelar used in old car parts. Alec lets him keep the creature, provided he keeps Gossamer locked up at night.

Max finds Logan sitting in an old Cadillac convertible in the junkyard. With only a few minutes left, he laments that they wasted a year dancing around their feelings. Her beeper goes off to remind her that their time is up. Logan leans over and kisses her anyway. He gets out of the car, and it seems like a goodbye when he tells her that he loves her. Logan walks away without hearing Max whisper that she loves him too. Max cries alone in the car.

Borrowed TIme - Transcript

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