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Harbor Lights - 2x13
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Harbor Lights - Synopsis

Max leaves Logan a voice message, and Original Cindy consoles her about still not being able to touch him. The virus has returned full blast. Max plans on going for a ride, but first she needs to score some gas. While waiting on line at a gas tank truck, an angry biker pulls out his gun when the gas runs out. Max is accidentally shot in the ruckus.

Max is rushed to the Harbor Lights Medical Hospital. Yet in the emergency room, her pager goes off without anyone noticing - it's Logan, returning her call. As the doctors attempt to treat her, Max forcibly stops them, saying, "No tests!" She falls unconscious, and they perform surgery to remove the bullet. Logan receives a call from a nurse at Harbor Lights. Since he was the last call on the pager, the nurse asks him to identify the female victim. Logan says that the victim's name is Linda Eastman, and he immediately calls his trusted Dr. Sam Carr to tell him about Max's predicament. Dr. Carr promises Logan that he won't let the hospital find out that Max has abnormal physiology. At Harbor Lights, Dr. Carr meets with Max's attending physician and collects all the samples retrieved from tests. When Max wakes up, Logan arrives, posing as Linda Eastman's husband. He assures her that Dr. Carr will protect her.

Meanwhile, a lab tech finds what looks like a virus strain in a blood sample for a L. Eastwood. Unfortunately, the tech mixed up the vials and what he is looking at is results for L. Eastman's blood - which is really Max's blood. Dr. Carr had been given the wrong samples. The lab tech notifies the CDC about the tainted blood. Ames White gets wind that a patient with a barcode tattoo was found to have an unidentified virus. Believing it to be Max, he assembles his crew into action.

A CDC Hazmat team under the lead of Dr. George comes in to examine Max and to quarantine her hospital room. She tries to fight them off, but she is still weak from her recent surgery. Max faints, and the doctors restrain her. Logan arrives at Harbor Lights in the midst of the CDC confusion, and he sees Agent White posing as an FBI agent to scope out the premises. White accosts Dr. George and demands that he take "Linda Eastman" as a prisoner. Dr. George insists on keeping the patient under quarantine, and threatens to warn the press that transporting her will expose the public to a health threat. White backs off, and Logan listens in as White warns his henchmen that they will have to kill Max before she spills the beans. Dr. George learns that the virus is not contagious, and he informs Max that he will not turn her over to the "FBI Agent" wanting to capture her. Dr. George intends to relocate her to CDC headquarters to find out why her DNA is so perfectly engineered.

Logan taps into White's cell phone and hears him cryptically say, "From my Father before me. For my Sons." Then White asks an unknown person if they have a "Familiar" at Harbor Lights. White then calls Nurse Betty at the hospital. Recognizing White as another "Familiar," she too intones the chant, "From my Mother before me. For my Daughters." White asks her to kill Max, and Nurse Betty agrees. Nurse Betty takes a syringe and goes to Max's room. Logan, meanwhile, hacks into Harbor Lights' computer system and picks up Max's EKG monitor. He taps in a Morse code message through her EKG to warn Max that she is in danger. Max reads this on the monitor, and she breaks out of her restraints before Nurse Betty can inject her. Max fights the woman off, and the needle goes into Nurse Betty's thigh. Nurse Betty feels no pain, and continues to battle Max. But Max flips her out the hospital window several floors up. Both Logan and White watch from the parking lot as Nurse Betty's body hits the ground. She is somehow still alive.

Meanwhile, Dr. George asks Dr. Carr why he never noticed anything unusual with the blood work for his patient, "Linda Eastman." Dr. George suspects that she is a mutant from Manticore, but Dr. Carr shrugs off his suggestion. Max sneaks out of her hospital room, still weakened with a bleeding wound on her side. She slips into the morgue and hides under a cart to avoid the sector police. She calls Logan on his cell phone, and he has her go up to the abandoned top floor of the hospital in order to make her way out onto the roof. Some sector cops on the top floor trap Max, but Agent White appears and kills them. White claims that he is on Max's side because the police would have exposed her for what she is. While Max hides, White tells her that he wants to help her escape alive. White drops his gun to gain her trust, and Max drop kicks him. She runs to the roof as White follows. On the roof, Max knocks the gun out of his hand, but White manages to beat her up. As he retrieves his gun and is about to shoot her, a helicopter surprises him. Logan convinced a news chopper to fly him up there. As White turns to see the helicopter, Max kicks him, sending his gun goes across the roof. Logan grabs Max and pulls her into the chopper, as White shoots unsuccessfully at them. The helicopter flies away to safety.

At Max's crib, Cindy tends to Max's sprained ankle, two cracked ribs and gunshot wound. As things are still awkward between he and Max, Logan leaves. Max knows that the government now has her lab results and will someday want answers.

In Washington, DC, Dr. George hands off Max's lab results to a Pin-Striped Man.

Harbor Lights - Transcript

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