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Fuhgeddaboudit - 2x15
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Fuhgeddaboudit - Synopsis

Logan sends Max undercover to flirt with Dougie, the accountant for a crime syndicate. Dougie had previously promised Logan that he would help turn in the Boss, but he dropped out at the last minute. At the 49 Club, Dougie's girlfriend Mia has a waiter spill a drink on Max. When Max goes to the ladies room, Mia confronts her. For some strange reason, Max begins to spill the beans on everything, as if Mia has put her under some kind of spell. Max tells her that she is working on an undercover mission for Eyes Only and that she is from Manticore. Mia is also from Manticore, but she was a Psy-Ops. When Mia asks who Eyes Only really is, Max hesitates and says that she can't. Mia sends a suddenly sleepy Max home, and tells her that she won't remember a thing. As soon as Mia leaves the restroom, Max is oblivious to what just happened.

The next morning, Max goes to Logan's. He was worried because she didn't respond to his pages the night before. Oddly, she slept for four hours. She blows off his questions, saying that it "didn't work out" with Dougie. After Logan scolds her for not trying very hard, Max heads to work. At Jam Pony, Mia comes in looking for a job. Alec recognizes her from Psy-Ops at Manticore. Mia gazes deep into his eyes, and Alec forgets that he even knows her. With her gift of tele-coercion, Mia convinces Normal to hire her as a dispatcher. Max comes in and doesn't even remember Mia from the night before.

At Crash, Logan asks Max to once again infiltrate Dougie at the 49 Club. Still sour from being scolded at, Max is reluctant to help and snaps at him. Logan is confused. Mia, who had been watching the whole scene, quizzes Alec about Logan's identity when Logan approaches the bar. Without realizing it, Alec admits to Logan that he admires his readiness to save the world. Logan tells Alec that he is envious of his free spirit. Mia coerces the boys to hug, and Alec leaves, unsure of what just happened. Logan then reveals to Mia that Max was infected with a deadly virus that could kill him. He tells her that Manticore knew that he was really Eyes Only.

The next day at Jam Pony, Mia sways Alec into agreeing to get back into the ring for an elimination fight. Normal is excited at this prospect, and confesses (under Mia's spell) that he has titillating dreams about Alec. Max arrives, and Mia sways her into not going to the 49 Club to see Dougie. She wants her to go to Crash instead. Max agrees. Later that night at Crash, Max tells Cindy that something's not right with Mia. They are interrupted by an Eyes Only broadcast about the Boss' crime family. Dougie's pals at the 49 Club watch the Eyes Only stream as well, but when Logan reveals that the Boss is being ripped off by his Lieutenants, the guys get an angry call from the Boss. Logan, meanwhile, makes his report under the sway of Mia. He doesn't even know where the information is coming from. At Crash, Mia convinces Alec to go home and rest before his big fight because she's going to have a lot of money riding on him. Logan arrives, and Max asks how he got Dougie to agree to talk to him. He tells her that he didn't, but he "has his reasons" for exposing information on the mob boss in his broadcast. When they begin to argue, Mia calms them down and erases what they were fighting about. Max's memory is jogged and she remembers that she had met Mia before at the 49 Club. It was no coincidence that Mia took a job at Jam Pony.

Mia leaves Crash and goes to Dougie. He is worried that the Boss will think he spilled his guts, but Mia assures him that she will handle Eyes Only. Per her request, Dougie hands her a sack of money. Mia says that she will make him money to get into the Boss' good graces, and she makes Dougie promise to bring the Boss to the fight. Max, who followed Mia, watches the whole conversation from above. Suddenly, Mia leaps up to Max and kicks her off the scaffolding. Max's pager goes flying onto the street. Max realizes that Mia is from Manticore, and demands to know what her business is with Dougie. Mia admits that Dougie is in trouble, and she's going to help him prove his loyalty to the Boss so that she and Dougie can run away together. Max wants Dougie to finger the Boss for Eyes Only. Mia tells her that she won't even remember this conversation.

The next day at Jam Pony, Max comes in with a shiner on her eye (from the previous night's altercation with Mia). Although she doesn't know how she got it, Mia has her believe that she slipped in the shower. Mia hands her money to Alec for the fight. Logan comes to Jam Pony to see Max, who hasn't responded to his pages. She only now realizes that she lost her pager. He asks about following Mia, and Max starts to remember the fight. She tells Logan that Mia is a Psy-Ops from Manticore who is planning something with Dougie. When Max hears that Alec is fighting again, she questions why he would do something so risky. He has no answer, and Max and Logan know that Mia must be behind the fight.

That night at the fight hall, the Boss' crew is pleased to see Alec beat up one opponent after the other. Dougie had tipped them off that Alec was a "sure thing," and they are winning all their bets on his fights. Max corners Mia, who tells her everything. Yet even though Mia wipes out Max's mind, Logan heard the whole conversation with a listening device. He explains to Max that Mia talked Alec into fighting so that Dougie can make the Boss money off the bouts. Max tries to convince Alec to throw the fight, but he doesn't listen. So she steps into the ring as his next opponent. Although Alec refuses to fight her, Max starts beating him. Alec finally fights back, but then Max kicks him in the groin and Alec goes down. When the crew loses all their money on Alec, they go to take Dougie for a "little ride." Logan comes in with Detective Matt Sung and approaches Dougie. He will make him a better offer if Dougie fingers the Boss in the crowd. Dougie points out a man dressed as a woman, and Sung's cops go after him. Mia slugs the Boss, telling Max that she never really liked him. Sung finally nabs the once elusive Boss.

Later, Mia tells Logan that she wanted Dougie to flip so that he would get out of this mobster lifestyle. She knew that Max and Logan would go after him and prevent him from running off. Mia, however, bet on Max to win and made a load of cash. She is in love with Dougie because he is the only one immune to her tele-coercion. When Normal asks Max how she beat Alec, Mia convinces him that he will forget everything he saw at the fight. Then Mia takes off with Dougie, leaving Max and Logan, alone and happy.

Fuhgeddaboudit - Transcript

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