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Hello, Goodbye - 2x17
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Hello, Goodbye - Synopsis

Max and Joshua set off cans of bug repellent spray in Joshua's house to rid it of fleas. He stays outside while Max goes to meet Logan at Crash. She still has the snake symbol on her palm that she got from Agent White's breeding cult. Meanwhile, Alec sidles up to Asha at the bar. Asha mentions that she is glad that she didn't do anything she might have regretted with him. Alec admits that the last person he got close to winded up dead. Asha tries to comfort him, but Alec pushes her away. Max approaches Alec, who says that, although he likes Asha, he is trying to do the right thing with her because transgenics and humans don't mix. Alec tries to convey that same advice to Max, but she shoos him away. Logan comes to the bar. Max, suddenly feeling self-conscious about the virus, says that she is going home. Without thinking, Logan grabs her arm. He falls unconscious and is taken to the hospital.

Dr. Beverly Shankar tells Max that the disease is killing Logan. Max suggests that he get a transfusion from a Manticore recipient because they were made immune to such viruses. Dr. Shankar agrees that it's worth a shot. Max summons Alec to the hospital. He walks outside of Crash to go there, but is swarmed by uniformed cops with their guns trained on him. Max waits for Alec to show up at the hospital, but he never comes. When Dr. Shankar asks if there is someone else to give Logan a transfusion, Max goes to get Joshua. A woman, meanwhile, approaches Joshua with a dog. When she doesn't react to his appearance, he realizes that the woman, named Annie Fisher, is blind. Max shows up in desperation for Joshua's help and brings him to the hospital. Dr. Shankar doesn't seem concerned that he has canine DNA in his ****tail - as long as he has the Manticore antibodies. Later, the doctor lets Max know that Joshua's blood saved Logan, but Max is afraid to see Logan. She feels that she has caused him enough harm. Max finally gets up the nerve to call him. Though Logan tries to convince her otherwise, she insists on staying away from him.

In the jail, a woman identifies Alec as the murderer of someone named Timothy Ryan. Original Cindy convinces Max to go help Alec. Max pretends to be a public defender and gets inside the jail. Alec maintains that he did not murder anyone, even though his DNA matched the crime. Max doesn't believe him, but when Alec informs her that the murder occurred two years ago while he was still at Manticore, Max has a flashback. She remembers confronting Ben in "Pollo Loco," and realizes that the authorities think that Alec is Ben, his Manticore twin. Ben had killed Timothy Ryan and ten other people in the same manner. Max and Alec bust out of the prison and go to Max's crib. Alec asks her about Ben, and Max lovingly describes her brother. She admits, for the first time to anyone, that she was forced to kill Ben when they escaped Manticore because he didn't want to return for reindoctrination. Max breaks down, and Alec consoles her. Later, as Alec is leaving, he and Max share a moment. Logan just happens to show up outside of Max's crib and sees them in a half-embrace.

Freaky Frank, the transgenic captured by Agent White in "Exposure," assures White that he will keep secret the fact that he was injected with the snake blood. Agent White reports to a mystery cult woman that perhaps Sandeman made the transgenics immune to varying degrees. White then releases Freaky Frank onto the streets, warning him about the sector police. Frank is immediately cornered by the police, and he fights them off. As they shoot him dead, a hoverdrone captures the event.

Annie comes calling for Joshua, and invites him to dinner. He makes sure she comes to his house instead. Annie explains that she contracted the measles after the pulse, which caused her to become blind. Joshua lets her touch his paintings, and he describes each color on the canvas. The next day, Alec goes to stay with Joshua. He sees Joshua's new painting of Annie. Alec scores a television set for Joshua's house, and they catch a news report of Freaky Frank's superhuman strength. When Annie knocks on Joshua's door, Alec encourages him to send her away. Joshua does so glumly. Alec pages Max and summons her to talk with Joshua. She tells Joshua that his staying away from Annie is for the best. Suddenly, Max realizes that Joshua has a medallion around his neck that matches the symbol on her palm. He explains that his Father gave it to him. Max goes to Logan's and tells him about the medallion. Logan is drunk, and he asks if it's true that she is with Alec. Taking the one and only chance to do something that will keep Logan away, Max says, "I can't."

As Max sits on top of the Space Needle, Alec shows up. He asks if she has any realizations about life. "Love sucks," she says.

Hello, Goodbye - Transcript

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