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Dawg Day Afternoon - 2x18
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

Dawg Day Afternoon - Synopsis

While Joshua pines away for Annie, the blind woman he met in "Hello Goodbye," Max hands Alec a fake birth certificate that claims he was a twin. This gets him off the hook and proves that his "brother" would have committed the murder. On television, a minister preaches against transgenics, claiming that they are not human because they were not created by God. Logan interrupts his sermon with an Eyes Only broadcast that defends the transgenics. He says that they feel hurt just like humans. Alec hints to Max that perhaps Logan is reaching out to her.

Agent White argues with his superior, Director Paul Simms, about how to handle the transgenic situation now that the press has released footage on Freaky Frank. Although White wants to open it up so that his department will have jurisdiction over the police, Simms is adamant that they not acknowledge anything to the public. White reluctantly agrees.

Asha procures for Logan the full hoverdrone footage of the Freaky Frank capture. The police edited it so that it seems that the transgenic attacked them, when really the cops went after him first. Logan also sees Agent White at the scene of the crime. He pages Max to warn her, but she doesn't answer. Asha tries to explain to Logan that he hasn't heard from Max because she was afraid for him. Asha believes this has been hard for both Max and Alec. The sound of Alec's name cuts a jealous Logan to the quick. Meanwhile, Max and Alec break into a cosmetic surgeon's office to laser off each other's barcode. Logan calls Alec's cell phone, and is disheartened to learn that he is with Max. Alec pushes her to take Logan's call, but she is cold toward Logan. He informs her about White, who may not be keeping his transgenic hunt under wraps for the government. Instead, White must be taking orders from his breeding cult buddies. Max promises to look into it, but asks that Logan not call her anymore.

That night, Joshua goes to Annie's house and watches her from outside her window. Annie's dog barks at Joshua, causing him to tumble off a garbage can. A group of hoodlums nearby hears the noise and comes to check it out. They notice that he's a transgenic, and they chase him throughout the night. The next morning, Annie and her dog stumble upon the hiding Joshua. She thinks that he was avoiding her because she is blind. Before he can explain, the kids spot him. Joshua fends them off, and leads Annie away. She is confused and afraid of what's happening. The boys see them again, and Joshua takes Annie down into the sewers through a manhole. The kids alert the police that a transgenic kidnapped Annie.

Agent White meets up with Moorehead at an aquarium, and reports to her that he has been leaking information on the transgenics to the media. She tells him that it is the opinion of The Conclave that he go even further. Since the X-series transgenics are a threat because they are able to pass as humans and will be more difficult to expose, they hope to exploit the fear of the average citizen that there are transgenics living among them. White is alerted by Otto that there was a report of a "wolfman" in Sector Three. He leaks the information to a news anchor.

At Joshua's empty house, Max catches a news report about a creature kidnapping a blind woman. Joshua is now the biggest story in town. Max dashes out the door towards the mobile command post searching for Joshua. Using her vision, Max spies on the police's plan. She knocks out a cop and sneaks into the sewer. Sketchy, on the hunt for a tabloid news story, follows her. Alec, who is also in Sector Three, runs into Logan at the police blockade. Max isn't answering Logan's page, so Alec tries her. Max is underground hiding from the police when her pager goes off. The cops hear it and she must fight them off. Yet she accidentally knocks out Sketchy as well. She grabs Sketchy's cell phone and calls Alec. Logan gets on the phone and warns her about what the police are tracking. He offers to help get her out once she finds Joshua. The sector police discuss that a girl in black kicked their butts. White overhears this and knows that it is Max. He goes into the tunnel, undetected.

Meanwhile, underground, Annie asks Joshua why he is on the run from the cops. Learning that he is a transgenic, Annie is upset that Joshua lied to her about what his face looked like. She moves away from him. Joshua apologizes and claims that he was only trying to protect her. Annie understands and feels bad for him. She asks to touch his real face. When they hear footsteps, she listens for the way out. Yet she makes Joshua go alone so he can escape. She promises to come by his house tomorrow.

Joshua finds Max, and she notifies Logan. Logan leads her out of the sewer away from the sector police. Yet as they enter a chamber, Logan sees on the GPS monitor that the police are nearby. They are almost about to be caught, when Joshua turns on the water main and floods the path of the sector police. Max and Joshua run off as the cops chase them. The sector police SWAT team waits at the manhole for Joshua to emerge, but Sketchy pops out instead. Max and Joshua exit from another hole, where Alec is waiting for them. Logan pulls up in his Aztek to take them away. Meanwhile, White sloshes determinedly through the sewers with his gun drawn. He runs into Annie and tells her that it is all over.

Logan drives Joshua, Alec and Max to Joshua's house. They watch the news reports of the hunt for Joshua and learn that Annie had been killed. The reporter announces that an X-Series who looks human helped the creature escape. The transgenic is still at large. Joshua lets loose a saddened primal scream. Max and Alec comfort him.

White watches the scene in Sector Three, enjoying his victory.

Dawg Day Afternoon - Transcript

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