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She Ain't Heavy - 2x19
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Disclaimer: All series episodes information is from the original official DA episode guide. If you believe this information to be incorrect, or if you have an authentic original source, please let us know so we can edit our information.

She Ain't Heavy - Synopsis

At Jam Pony, Max tells O.C. that she lead Logan to believe she was seeing Alec. In a confusion of character, Normal is under the impression that a messenger has a barcode. Normal pulls out a gun, but Max quickly swipes it from him. Although the barcode on the messenger is fake, the tension makes everyone nervous. Watching this, Sketchy becomes suspicious of Max. Meanwhile, in an upscale apartment San Francisco, a woman who looks exactly like Max comes home to her husband and son. The woman is named Sam. Suddenly, Agent White and his men storm the apartment and taser Sam. When she tells them that her designation is 453, White is annoyed. Although he thought he had captured Max, it is really Max's clone.

As Logan makes his Eyes Only broadcast, White orders his men to trace the stream. Logan cuts off in time to avoid them. White learns that Sam is not an identical clone to Max because she has junk DNA. Sam tells him that she has never had contact with Max. She had already been out of Manticore when Max released the transgenics. White wants to use Sam as a decoy at the hospital where Max was brought in. Since he suspects the doctor who released Max knows more than he lets on, Sam is to find out information for him. White is still pissed off because Max took away his son. White is also concerned about having to testify to a Senate committee. Although Senator McKinley has subpoenaed their operation on a transgenic witch-hunt, Director Simms orders White to keep stonewalling.

As Dr. Carr examines Logan, Sam pulls up to the clinic on a bike. She's dressed like Max. Sam passes Logan, and he greets her. She blows him off without recognition. Sam tells Dr. Carr that she has been having back spasms. When he checks her out, Carr notices that her gunshot wounds are gone. When she realizes that the jig is up, she threatens the good doctor to ditch town because he lied about how well he knows Max. Sam punches him and jumps on her bike. Otto and another operative follow Sam out of the clinic. She opens fire on their car with two semi-automatics. Sam warns them to notify White to leave her alone.

Normal and Sketchy tell Alec their suspicions about Max. Alec cautions Max about what he heard. She takes off, and doesn't see Sam watching this from afar. Max goes to Joshua's pad, where he is blacking out his windows in fear because people are hunting transgenics. He wants to move to Terminal City since his place only reminds him of Annie. She rebukes him for going because she can't look after him there. When he doesn't budge, she begs him to stay. But Joshua leaves anyway. Hiding out in the scary Terminal City, Joshua comes upon a group of transgenics. They are all freakish-looking like him and they accept him as one of their own. Alec, meanwhile, comes upon a map in Joshua's house. Terminal City is circled in red, and he sets out to find Joshua.

Logan goes home and makes his nightly hack on Eyes Only, unaware that this time White's crew is tracing him. Logan bids goodbye to his audience for the last time, but realizes that he's been caught. White's men storm Logan's place, but Logan is already gone. He had cleared out his hard drive as well. White's operatives shoot the entire apartment, as Logan watches from the building next door. Meanwhile, at Jam Pony, Sam rifles through Normal's files. Although Max has no address listed, Sam finds that Cindy does. Normal catches Sam and she clocks him before he can stop her.

At her crib, Max dejectedly packs up her stuff. She feels like she has no reason to stick around anymore. Yet Max decides not to call Logan to tell him that she's going. As she pulls away on her bike, Sam follows on another bike. At the border in his Aztek, Logan sees the two Maxs. Sam fires her Glock pistol at Max's bike, sending it careening off the road. Sam calls White and informs him that she has Max tied up. She tells Max that when she fled Manticore, the clones had to pay the price. They were sent to Psy-Ops because they were considered the greatest flight risks. Sam believes that Max was only out for herself, and didn't care what happened to anyone else. Suddenly, Logan arrives and unties Max. Sam kicks Logan and knocks him out. Although Sam has ten more years of fighting training, Max knows how to fight dirty and beats her. White shows up and sees whom he thinks is Max. The girl tied up is really Sam, and Max pretends to be her. Logan hits White over the head and they tie him up. Max demands that White release Sam's husband and son.

Joshua settles into the abandoned warehouse that serves as a home to the other freak transgenics - Dix, Mole and Luke. They tell him that he will have to learn how to handle a weapon to survive in Terminal City. Alec shows up looking for Joshua. They see on their surveillance monitors that Max, Logan and White are out in the streets of Terminal City meeting up with White's henchmen. After dropping their weapons, White's thugs deliver Sam's family in a trade for White. As White walks towards his men, he picks up one of the guns and his operatives hold Max and Logan at gunpoint. From nowhere, Joshua, Alec and dozens of transgenics hiding in Terminal City pop-out with weapons drawn. White and his men back off and leave.

Max arranges for Sam and her family to escape to Canada. Alec then informs her that Max was responsible for taking down Manticore. With no hard feelings, Sam and Max exchange good-byes. Logan asks Max if she is still leaving town, but Max tells him that she has some family business to take care of. She is resolved to fight for her people.

In the federal judicial building, Senator McKinley calls Ames White to the stand. White spills the beans, testifying that the government did fund genetic experiments, and after the test subjects escaped, the government then withheld that information from the public. He also assures the committee that transgenics are dangerous, and that the country needs to declare war on them. The messengers at Jam Pony watch the hearings with interest. Max is among them - she's back at work. Later, White is worried that Director Simms will revoke his badge. Senator McKinley, a fellow member of the breeding cult Conclave assures White that he will become a national hero for eliminating all transgenics.

She Ain't Heavy - Transcript

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