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Do not attempt to adjust your set. This is a streaming freedom video bulletin. This is a secure cable hack that will last exactly sixty seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped and it is the only free voice left in the city.
-Logan/Eyes Only

Logan Cale is wealthy survivor of The Pulse, living in the financial district in Seattle, Washington. Using his extensive knowledge of computers, he masquerades as Eyes Only and works to uncover and punish the corrupt people and organizations of the city.

Logan Cale/Eyes Only
Portrayed by:     Michael Weatherly
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Alive; Human
Alias(es):Eyes Only
Nicknames:Logie-bear, Miracle Boy
Age:33 (11/11/1988)
Home:Seattle, Washington
Residence:Sandeman's House
Occupation(s):Underground Cyberjournalist
Significant Other(s):Valerie (ex-wife)
Daphne (ex-fiancee)
Family:Uncle Jonas (deceased)
Aunt Margot
Bennet (cousin)
Mary Ann (cousin-in-law)

Character History
Logan's Uncle Jonas was instrumental in the creation of the hover drones and this left Logan's family unaffected by the Pulse. After the death of his parents, Logan inherits the fortune however he uses it to help fund his alias, Eyes Only. Logan uses Eyes Only as a way to remain anonymous as he weeds out corruption in the city and fights injustice.

Logan had attended and graduated from Yale where he met his former fiancee, Daphne, and this education helps him in his role as Eyes Only. At some point he married and divorced an alcoholic named Valerie.

Logan meets Max while she is breaking into his apartment and they fall into a partnership whereby Max helps Logan with the more 'specialized' tasks and he helps her track down her family. Max knows of his identity as Eyes Only and initially only helps him out of guilt after her refusal to help ended in his disability. Despite an attraction, nothing really eventuates out of the relationship and in the season one finale, Logan finds Max dead and is dragged away from her body by Lydecker.

Her return in season two initially looks positive until Alec informs a sick Logan and distressed Max that Manticore had implanted a virus into her specifically targeted at the DNA of Eyes Only. After tracking down the only single cure from a burning Manticore, Max keeps Logan at arms length. Later Logan sees Alec and Max together outside her apartment and drunkenly accuses Max of having a relationship with him, something she does not deny and instead opts to walk away from him. Logan continues to seek a cure for the virus and goes to Jam Pony during the siege, warning Max and Alec of White's involvement and travels with them to Terminal City. He is last seen holding Max's hand as the Transgenic flag is raised before turning to her and saying, "Now look what you've done."

Special Skills
Logan is an accomplished hacker and has specialized equipment which aids him in his role as Eyes Only.

Logan has a modified exoskeleton, originally designed by the U.S. government sometime before the Pulse, which initially helped him walk and enhances his strength and his ability to leap higher and further.

  • Logan is afraid of needles, spiders, and heights
  • His blood type is AB negative

  • Season one ends the way it began, except that instead of Max saying the final line, "Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else, like maybe it was a story I heard. Even though I know it happened, sometimes I can't help feeling that she's not really gone, that she's still out there, and I just hope she's okay." Logan does
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