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Original Cindy
« on: June 28, 2010, 23:36:43 PM »
"By the way, some of those black-helicopter storm-trooper folks stopped by, asking about a transgenic teenage killing machine. I said you were out."
-Original Cindy

Original Cindy, Cynthia McEachin, is Max's roommate and best friend.

Cynthia “Original Cindy” McEachin
Portrayed by:     Valarie Rae Miller
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Alive; Human
Alias(es):Original Cindy
Home:Seattle, Washington
Occupation(s):Bike Messenger
Former Insurance Seller
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Not much is known about Original Cindy prior to the show. She has, however, stated on many occasions her homosexuality and works with Max at Jam Pony as a fellow bike messenger. In season one, Original Cindy moves into Max's apartment, after Kendra's departure, and subsequently learns that Max is Transgenic. She protects Max's cover and after Max's return in season two, takes it upon herself to protect the identities of other Transgenics working in Jam Pony. She is one of the few who knows the identity of Eyes Only and after the Jam Pony siege, Original Cindy travels to Terminal City with the rest of the escapees.

Special Skills


  • In "Exposed", Original Cindy opens Sketchy's camera and overexposes the film. When we see the pictures, they are all shown to be solid black when they would actually be solid white.

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