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I'm no stranger to stoner logic.

Sketchy is Max and Alec's friend although for the majority of the series their true identities are unknown to him. His job as a reporter means he unwittingly stumbles across many clues but, until the siege at Jam Pony, does not put these together.

Calvin Simon Theodore "Sketchy"
Portrayed by:     Richard Gunn
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Alive; Human
Home:Seattle, Washington
Occupation(s):Magazine Reporter/Photographer
Bike Messenger
Former Pet Photographer
Former Mobile Sidewalk Sign
Former Psychiatric Experiment
Significant Other(s):Natalie

Character History
Sketchy is often found at Crash drinking, playing pool and trying to 'pick-up' women, though not always in that order. He looks up to and regards Alec as his best friend and tries to emulate his successes in life with little of his own success. When he finds himself in trouble, which happens more often than he'd like, he often turns to Max and or Alec for help.

His history as a participant in a Seattle Psychiatric Institute study and his constant exposure to alcohol and drugs make him often appear stupid or ignorant however he has, on occasion, shown intelligence and intuitiveness which contradict it leaving the viewers to believe that he is playing a comfortable and well-acceptable role in life.

Special Skills
In his first scene in the show, Sketchy is shown doing a bicycle stunt and appears to be quite skilled on a bicycle. He also shows skill as a photographer, even if he doesn't always know what it is exactly he is shooting.

  • Bicycle
  • Camera

Sketchy's full name, 'Calvin Simon Theodore' is a homage to The Chipmunks - Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

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