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I don't want to interrupt your social life with my petty concerns so why don't we just close down the business and live off the charity of strangers.

Normal is the Manager/Dispatch Officer at Jam Pony.

Reagan "Normal" Ronald
Portrayed by:     J.C. MacKenzie
First Appearance:     Pilot
Status:Alive; Human
Home:Seattle, Washington
Occupation(s):Manager/Dispatch Officer
Significant Other(s):-

Character History
Normal is the often stressed and cynical boss of the Jam Pony crew and seems to have a disregard and disdain for their feelings and social life though there are several instances where this facade slips and his attitude seems to be nothing more than an attempt to keep his employees at arms length.

He has a love of boxing and strip clubs though the latter he appears to be unfamiliar with. His obsession with Monty Cora, Alec's alter-ego, leads to Alec's immediate employment upon seeking a job and provides an 'in' of sorts as Alec uses this to his advantage to get other Transgenics jobs at Jam Pony.

When knowledge of Transgenics becomes public, Normal assumes an automatic dislike of them, even going so far as to question his employees about their origins. Despite his watchful eye on his employees, he is unaware that Jam Pony has become, "Transgenic Central" with several Transgenics working for him. During the Jam Pony siege, Normal goes from a frightened and obstinate 'hostage' to a sympathetic and useful supporter, helping Gem (a transgenic) deliver her baby.

Special Skills
It is implied that Normal has delivered a baby prior to the Jam Pony siege as he takes over delivering Gem's baby with a calm, confident demeanor.

  • Normal is almost always seen wearing a headset.

  • Normal's favourite president is Ronald Regan.

Normal is often heard saying, "Bip, bip,bip!" or variations thereof, to his employees; it is known as his catchphrase.
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