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"We're living on borrowed time. And if you don't put your heart out there on the line, you're never really living at all."

Alec McDowell, X5-494, is Ben (X5-493)'s twin and Max's breeding partner at Manticore. After the destruction of Manticore and a brief stint in the ring, Alec joins Max as a fellow bike messenger at Jam Pony.

Alec McDowell/X5-494
Portrayed by:     Jensen Ackles
First Appearance:     Designate This
Status:Alive; Transgenic (X series)
Simon LeHane
Monty Cora
Nicknames:Golden Boy
Home:Seattle, Washington
Residence:Terminal City
Occupation(s):Bike Messenger
Former Drug Dealer
Former Thief
Former Boxer
Former Piano Teacher
Former Soldier and Assassin
Significant Other(s):Rachel Berrisford (ex-girlfriend, deceased)
Family:Ben, X5-493 (twin, deceased)

Character History
Despite being the twin of Ben (X5-493), Alec was not part of the unit and did not escape with Max and her unit. After their escape, Alec and the other twins of the escaped Transgenics received harsher treatment and stints of several months in Psy-Op's for reindoctrination in an attempt to simplify them fearing them to have too much independence. Later on, Alec goes back into Psy-Op's after Ben's killing spree as they tried to figure out of his DNA was similar enough to warrant termination.

Alec's first solo undercover mission was to gain information and eventually terminate Robert Berrisford, a man with information critical to Manticore but one who was also a liability. Alec killed and went undercover as Simon LeHane, a piano teacher to Berrisford's daughter, Rachel. Alec ends up falling in love with her and after she is considered collateral damage, he attempts to save her by blowing his cover and trying to warn her. His handlers, including Agent Sandoval, were already suspicious of him though and set a separate car bomb under the vehicle, presumably blowing up both Berrisford and his daughter. Alec was then taken back to Psy-Op's as manticore tried to figure out what went wrong with their perfect assassin. Alec, however, resisted reindoctrination, instead opting to 'not care' rather than forget. Later Alec discovers that Berrisford survived although Rachel ended up in a coma. He attempts to kill Alec but Max rescues him instead. Alec bids a comatose Rachel goodbye and begs forgiveness, an action which unknown to him softens Max's feelings toward him. She later dies.

Although Alec often tries to show that he is only looking out for himself and does not subscribe to Max's 'family' theory, he puts himself in danger trying to help Max. After the escape, Max goes back to rescue Transgenics that are unknowingly going to their deaths and ends up helping them escape before she is captured herself. Alec rescues her and the trend continues until the Jam Pony siege when Alec helps Max fight back the Phalanx and make a stand in Terminal City. He also sets up Terminal City with Max, making it a refuge for Transgenics. Max often helps Alec out of scrapes he has usually put himself into and it is this relationship that Logan finds threatening making it easy for him to believe that they are together. He is last seen standing beside Max and Logan as Joshua's flag is raised.

Special Skills
Like all Transgenics, Alec has a standard set of abilities and traits that separate him from humans including:

  • Advanced healing and metabolism
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced/Telescopic vision
  • Immunity to most toxins, viruses, diseases, bacteria, and biowarfare
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased intelligence

Due to his time in Manticore, it is safe to assume that Alec has learnt and mastered many different skills including a black belt in most martial arts as well as escape and evade, recon, infiltration, etc, in order to become the perfect soldier and weapon. He is also probably fluent in many languages.

For an assignment, Alec became a concert-level pianist in one day showing that Transgenics have the ability to learn complicated tasks in short periods of time.

  • Alec has been shown using many different weapons, including guns.
  • Toward the end of season two, Alec was shown to have acquired a motorcycle

  • The barcode on the back of Alec's neck reads: 331845739494.
  • Although the barcode can be lasered or burnt off, this is only a temporary solution as the barcode eventually reappears weeks later.
  • Alec likes pork rinds

  • Alec was given the surname McDowell by a writer whose favourite actor is Malcolm McDowell however the scene showing his surname was deleted due to time constraints.
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