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"People afraid of what they don't understand."

Joshua is the gentle Transhuman caretaker of the 'anomalies in the basement who is released upon Manticore's destruction. Max is his closest friend and guide in a world he doesn't understand.

Portrayed by:     Kevin Durand
First Appearance:     Designate This
Status:Alive; Transhuman
Home:Seattle, Washington
Residence:Terminal City
Significant Other(s):Annie Fisher, girlfriend (deceased)
Family:Isaac, brother (deceased)

Character History
Joshua is the first creation on Sandeman but has a little too much 'canine in his cocktail' resulting in his dog-man appearance. Joshua was left behind by Sandeman when he disappeared and Joshua avoided detection by Manticore resulting in his freedom to move around the basement. His kind and generous nature led him to look after the other Transhumans in the basement as best he could.

He met Max after her capture as she looked for an escaped and, along with Alec, helped her escape the confines of Manticore. He didn't get his freedom, however, until Manticore's destruction. Max helped protect him from the public and he set up home in Sandeman's house. Later on he was joined by Alec, even going on Alec's runs for him once (with a bike helmet as a disguise).

Joshua paints as a way of release and Alec discovered that Joshua's paintings sold well in a local art gallery. The owner requested several paintings to sell in her gallery and is one of the few humans who know of Joshua's true identity.

Joshua had a brief relationship with Annie, a blind woman from his neighbourhood, who met him when her dog came over to play. She liked Joshua for who he was rather than what he looked like however when she asked to feel his face so she could 'see' him, Joshua asked Alec to step in for him. Annie was later killed by Agent White as a way to escalate the situation between the humans and Transgenics.

Joshua had one brother, Isaac, who was apparently even more gentle than he was until Sandeman left and Isaac was brutally tortured into submission by Manticore. Isaac became excessively violent toward anyone in a uniform and Joshua eventually had to kill him to protect Max.

Special Skills
Joshua has increased strength, even for a Transgenic, as well as traits in common with canines including:
  • Advanced sense of smell
  • Advanced hearing

  • Joshua has an easel and access to many canvases as well as lots of paint and brushes.

  • Joshua has no barcode and is the only one who doesn't
  • Kevin Durand was in make up for hours to get the look of Joshua and when he met Jensen Ackles after work one day, Ackles didn't recognise him.
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